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This game is currently not officially supported on Android devices, but here's a collection of fixes/tweaks that might make life easier for those who use joiplay or a tablet.

Solution #1[edit | edit source]

The game has not been adjusted to mobile platforms, but some users have been able to play it on Chrome just fine, in the case of this not working for you, it is possible to play it with the emulator joiplay that is available on the play store or on the patreon of the developer of the app, if the game is appearing cropped for you on joiplay, you can try to ajust the value width-scale found within the html file by directly opening it as a txt, if this is not possible, rename the end of the file ".html" to ".txt" then open the file, the value width-scale is easily found within the start of the file, then you can try changing the value from 1 to values ranging from 0.2 to 0.6, then rename the file to html again and test to see if the new value resolves the cropping for you.

- Joiboy10

Solution #2[edit | edit source]

This solution is a bit more involved, but will help those that still run into issues with the above solution. When I tried out joiplay, it ran. However for many screens the text was all out of whack.

You will need to download the following:

File Manager Plus


The latest version of Masters of Raana

  1. Download the 2 apps and the latest version of MoR to your phone.
  2. Open File Manager Plus and extract the zip of MoR to wherever you want.
  3. Open the Masters of Raana folder that you have just extracted and tap on the start_game.html.
  4. Open the file with the default text editor.
  5. In the first couple lines of the file, there should be a line that says: "<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1" />
  6. Change "initial-scale=1" from the number 1 to .25-.4. Try it out and see what works best. Tap the save button on the top right of the screen after making the change and back out.
  7. Open AWebServer and press the select button for "DOCUMENT ROOT". Select internal storage (may depend on your device), and then navigate to the Masters of Raana folder. Select that folder as the Root folder.
  8. Press the "START" button next to SERVICE.
  9. Now next to the Address heading, there should be a web address that looks something like "". Click on that address. There may be add popups. Just wait for them to end so you can exit out.
  10. Chrome (or whatever browser you have installed) should open up the folder that has the start_game.html file listed. Click on start_game.html.
  11. The game should run and you can zoom in or out to maximize your screen size.

Come to the Discord if you run into any issues.