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Happiness is one of your slave's key Attributes. It affects all interactions, job performances, sexual activities, and the opulence of your household. Tending to a slave's Happiness is paramount for keeping her away from rebellious thoughts and it creates the perfect breeding ground for love and affection – if you've not already won her heart.

Affection is another important attribute that shows how much a slave appreciates you, both emotionally and sexually (although affection toward the latter can also come from temporary aroused states or nymphomaniac traits).

Increasing Happiness and Affection[edit | edit source]

Gifts and Sweets[edit | edit source]

  • Give teddy bear or stuffed animals: (Events & Activities > Gifts & Food) A girl will always appreciate the first stuffed animal you give to her. The following gifts might give her a small raise in Happiness, but it's not guaranteed.
  • Give candy bowls and chocolate: (Events & Activities > Gifts & Food) Very sad slaves will ease their depression somewhat if you give them sweets. However, it's not guaranteed that every sweet will raise her Happiness/Affection.
  • Give trinkets: (Events & Activities > Gifts & Food) Trinkets vary in price. So do the Happiness and Affection gains when providing your slave with knick-knacks - or emeralds. A cheap trinket might not always be effective, whereas a golden necklace laden with precious stones will most certainly raise her Happiness no matter what.
  • Give alcohol: (WIP).

Good Words[edit | edit source]

  • Ask about well-being and her hopes and dreams: (Talk > Ask Something) Talking to your slave is a good way, cheap, and easy way to raise her affection. If you're not completely lacking in social skills. Tread lightly. Experiment. Not all slaves will give you the same answer.
  • Encouragement: (Talk > Affect) Encouragement and kind words have a chance (with successful skill rolls) to increase Happiness and Affection, and to lower stress. However, praising a girl too much might also raise her Willpower.
  • Give praise: Praising a slave's actions during events are a great way to increase her Happiness and Affection. It might also influence Kindness and, sometimes, Willpower. You're able to praise (or scold) many deeds performed by a slave. (Examples include right after she's tried to heal you, performed a blowjob, her ability to withstand a sickening act, etc.)

Activities[edit | edit source]

  • Taking walks/Look at the stars: (Events & Activities) Taking walks and looking at the stars are small adventures that you undertake with your slave. The narrative is very random with a lot of interesting events. Trotting the streets at night might end up in an ambush, or just a nice smoke and some lovely small talk that increase her Affection.
  • Simple Dinner-Date: (Events & Activities) Taking a slave out for dinner is a great way to make her happier and more affectionate. Socializing might further enhance her Affection toward you. Don't forget to buy her food, however.
  • Visit the theater: (Events & Activities) Buy snacks and enjoy a classic. What could go wrong? Well, that would be lewd suggestions maybe, if the MC can't keep his dick in his pants.
  • Give free time: (Events & Activities) A classic. You will be unable to talk to your slave for the rest of the day. The leisure time will most certainly increase Happiness, especially if she's feeling down.
  • Apply a girl to one of Ikaanos riding stables: (Events & Activities > Horse Riding) Doing so will give her a Happiness Increase Chance. This percentage based value that checks once per day (Factor +1).

Other[edit | edit source]

  • The Gazebo: (Manage Home > Yard) There's a 30% chance to raise a slave's Happiness if you construct a Gazebo at the player home in Redhaven - as long as her Happiness is 49 or lower and she isn't currently restrained in bondage. This also applies to annex slaves.
  • EnSys Unit: (Manage home > Living Room level 3+) Owning an entertainment system has a daily 25% chance to increase a household slave's Happiness, if it's below 40. It also reduces stress. Effects will not apply if slave is trapped in bondage, lives in the annex, or has been placed in the dungeon.
  • Orgasm: A slave's affection will be raised by one point for each orgasm she has during sex.

The Importance of Sleep[edit | edit source]

The choice of sleeping quarters for your slave is very important, especially if she thinks highly of you. Letting a loving slave sleep at the guestroom, where she'll lie yearning for her master's touch, might not always be a good choice. Letting the same slave sleep on the floor can be devastating – unless she's very submissive or enjoys humiliation.

Forcing an unruly and hateful slave to sleep next to you at night might however negatively affect both her Happiness and stress levels.

The guestroom is therefore the best choice for most slaves – especially if they are depressed and have a neutral/low standing toward the household's master. Sad slaves will at least appreciate that they have a room for themselves, which gives a small Happiness boost until they reach manageable levels.

Decreasing Happiness and Affection[edit | edit source]

Certain events or necessary actions can sometimes decrease Happiness and Affection. These may take the form of a Master forcing his household to eat less amounts of food due to costly bandit scourges, or a rough but important training session. This section will explain when those situations might appear, and their potential positive effects.

Through talking[edit | edit source]

  • Explaining chores: (Talk > Affect). Explaining the household chores a slave is expected to perform in a careful manner is seldom met by negative spite, unless the slave is high-spirited. Letting her know her chores as a sex slave is a different matter, especially if you're using a demeaning tone. This is a good way to lower Willpower (if your skill rolls succeed), but it'll leave a lingering tenseness between you and your slave, requiring many nights of happiness-raising activities to heal.
  • Ask about sexual preferences: (Talk > Ask). While inquiring about whether a slave enjoys anal sex or whipping sessions (or anything in between), one must tread carefully. It will be a tough challenge to get any information out of the girl unless she's very submissive or highly Affectionate toward her Master. Using demeaning tones might further fuel her disrespect toward you.

Disciplinary Words[edit | edit source]

  • Strict discipline during training: Pressing the "Use discipline" button when training your slave might give her that rewarding "+2 skill point" boost, but the required caning and groping will leave a mark on her spirits as well as her body. If the slave's Corruption is in the higher regions, however, this may not apply.
  • Naked training: A naked training session is primarily a way for the MC to observe his property, and lower a slave's Willpower. Its practical uses are very limited – it might even negatively affect the outcome of her training session. It might however raise a slave's Arousal if the two of you have a thing going, and she is at least somewhat inclined toward kinky stuff.
  • Scolding words: Scolding a slave during events is seldom a good way to win her Affection. It often adds to the gloominess at your household by lowering her Happiness – but its primary use was never to get her jovial – it’s a method to haste a slave's journey into submissiveness and obedience.

Rough Sex, Bondage, and Punishments[edit | edit source]

The MC can make his act rough by a plethora of choices that are too many to describe in detail here. The general rule is that non-corrupt slaves will seldom appreciate a rough hand or getting tied up and whipped, unless their Arousal is momentarily very high.

Continuing an act after a slave's asked you to stop will make your relationship plummet, requiring weeks of kind words and gifts to get back into a somewhat decent shape again.

Also note that heavy anal, oral or vaginal wear will decrease a slave's Happiness and Affection if her Corruption isn't extremely high.

Other factors decreasing Happiness[edit | edit source]

  • Working at Devious Tools if Corruption is below 40 (15% chance for a -2 drop).
  • If slave is Sofia Ortega and MC's cash is below 500 and Influence is below 1,000.
  • Having a Malevolent slave assigned as Head Maid.
  • Letting a Shamefast slave walk around naked, in string bikinis or in harnesses.
  • Letting a Vanilla slave walk around in harnesses.
  • Letting an Extrovert slave live alone in your household.
  • Jaded slaves have a 15% chance to drop their Happiness with one point per day - down to 20.
  • Letting a Nymphomaniac slave walk around with an arousal above 6 and pussywear below 24 for too long.
  • Having a Malevolent slave in your household (20% chance to lower all other slaves' Happiness if their Willpower is below 40).
  • By starving your slaves.
  • By taking out the karate school in Marston Avenue.