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Slaves collect Defiance through various actions of insubordination - mostly by acting out against their slave master (The MC) in manners that aren't appropriate. A high and unchecked Defiance will fester in your household, causing unwanted Willpower increases among all other slaves, bad job performances and eventually Influence loss.

Defiance increase risks[edit | edit source]

  • Slaves saying no to sex in an "unproper" way.
  • Slaves not listening to the MC while he explains chores.
  • Through many Interaction/Home events.

Defiance effects[edit | edit source]

  • A Defiance value that is 15 or higher has a 15% chance to increase the defying slave's Willpower. It also adds a 7% Willpower chance increase risk to other slaves that are not loving toward you.
  • A slave with Defiance 10+ will cost you an additional $2 Maintenance/day due to her disrespectful use of your household's resources.
  • A Defiant maid (15+) will no longer provide you with the Maid's Influence boost.
  • A Very Defiant slave (30+) will decrease your Influence with one point per day and add another $1/day in Maintenance cost.
  • An extremely Defiant slave (50+) will decrease your Influence with two additional points per day.

Defiance and punishments[edit | edit source]

A noticeable Defiance (2+) enables a new type of interaction choice in the Bondage/Training room section. This choice has a much higher chance of persuading a slave to accept a punishment and getting tied up. Especially if her Defiance is 15+. Successfully tying up a slave in this way might take a heavy toll on her Willpower, Fear and Defiance value.

A positive Defiance value negates her Affection loss by up to 90% while you're punishing her. This "Affection discount" goes especially for whipping sessions (50-90%), while rapes (10%) or dildo sessions (15%) have a considerably less powerful reduction.

How to remove Defiance[edit | edit source]

  • Through certain random events.
  • By waiting it out (There's a daily 15% Defiance decrease chance).
  • Through whipping sessions (A 10% chance to rid one Defiance point per lash).
  • Through bondage sessions (A 7% chance to rid one Defiance point per action).
  • Through successfully explaining chores.

How to avoid Defiance[edit | edit source]

  • Keep your high-willpower slaves occupied with work assignments - less chance of acting lazy or breaking stuff in your household.
  • Assign slaves as household Maids.
  • Give slaves titles, which might increase their Discipline and well-being (ie. feeling important).
  • Raise Discipline and Affection.
  • Keep their weight below 80 kg (175 lbs) - causes loss of energy, which in turn leads to unwanted behavior.