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Domestic servants, technically called NPCs, also known on Raana as "Issids," are free men and women who serve the MC's household in various ways – as mercenaries, guards, accountants and scavengers, or other positions. The distinction between an Issid and a slave can be blurry, even if they're technically considered freeborn. Some Issids are even ready to provide sexual favors to their employers - or accept working as prostitutes.

Interacting with servants[edit | edit source]

You access your servants by pressing the Mange > Household buttons while at your home. You're also able to access your NPC roster through the same icon on the Map screen, as long as you're in a no-camp city zone.

Available NPCs[edit | edit source]

List of available NPCs can be found here.

Duties[edit | edit source]

Unassigned[edit | edit source]

Your Issid is available for future tasks and performs some minor chores, but generally spends his or her time resting and recuperating.

  • Recovers Health and raises a low Happiness score more quickly.

Guard[edit | edit source]

Your Issid patrols his patron's household – making it more difficult for slaves to escape, as well as deterring raiders and thieves.

  • All assigned Issids contributes to the "Guard power" value that determines the overall effectiveness of their efforts, and varies based each one's character, age and melee skill.
  • The Guard power value acts as a negative factor toward a slave's Escape Risk.

Whore[edit | edit source]

Your Issid works as a petty whore, selling his or her body on the streets close to your home. An Issid working as a whore is not attached to or affected by the player's prostitution ring.

  • Income based on sex, age and character.
  • Few newly acquired Issids accept this Duty (remains greyed out). You'll either have to lower his/her Willpower, raise Affection really high or increase Corruption before enabling this option.

Janitor[edit | edit source]

Your Issid works as a house cleaner and performs simple maintenance. With high enough Domestic and Intelligence scores, he or she will add an Influence boost and lower Maintenance costs.

Scavenger[edit | edit source]

Your Issid works as a scavenger and brings home a number of Merchandise units each day that is automatically added to your Inventory. The quantity is affected by Intelligence and character.

  • This assignment has a daily 15% chance to raise your servant's Survival skill with one point up to 40.

Accountant[edit | edit source]

Your Issid works is assigned to track your household accounts and business interests, guarding against waste and fraud as well as enhancing your financial position.

  • Provides an income bonus affected by Intelligence and Education.

Combat ready[edit | edit source]

Your Issid has been assigned to your adventure party and will aid you in combat encounters.

Servant Actions[edit | edit source]

The player receives three Servant Actions per day. With these actions, he's able to train his servant in various skills or spend time with him/her to raise Happiness and Affection.

  • Reaching WILLPOWER 100+ provides an additional Servant Action.

Training[edit | edit source]

The training activity is divided into two sections - Intelligence & Education, and Martial skills.

  • Executing an Int + Edu session automatically raises either Intelligence or Education, or both (critical success).
  • Executing a Martial session either raises the Issid's Melee or Ranged skill, or both (critical success). Martial sessions can also increase Dexterity and Strength.

A training session is always successful up to 60, but you need to have a higher skill/attribute than your Issid to have a chance at raising it. After 60, it's a 50% chance to increase your servant's skill.

The session takes roughly two hours and costs between 5-10 Stamina Points, in addition to 1 Servant Action.

Spending time together[edit | edit source]

Spending time together with your servant executes a chain of events that'll automatically raise his/hers Happiness and Affection up to 60. It's a 50% chance to increase your servant's Happiness/Affection after reaching 60, up to a maximum of 100 (hard cap).

"Spending time" takes roughly two hours and costs between 2-5 Stamina Points, in addition to 1 Servant Action.

Sexual interactions[edit | edit source]

Servants have different thresholds before they're willing to accept sexual invitations. It can be based on age, Corruption, Affection or a character-driven quirk. The invite to sex options remain greyed-out until these prerequisites are met.

A sexual invitation can be done in two ways - asking normally, or with a demanding/sadistic approach. A demanding approach has a chance to raise the servant's Corruption if successful, but also lowering her Affection toward you.

Sexual interactions with servants consist of one sex scene and one cum scene, with two different renders. They take approximately 30 minutes and cost 5 Stamina Points to execute. There's no Servant Action cost, but you will obtain the Sexually Depleted state after you've finished.

  • There are currently no homosexual content - you're able to engage with females only.
  • All sexual interactions should be regarded as consensual, even if the Demand Sex option gives it a Male Dominance approach.