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MoR Enhanced is a Tier4+ version of Masters of Raana that offers several unique options that can be used either for quick Alpha testing or as powerful tools to optimize your playthrough in a public release.

Starting templates[edit | edit source]

Instead of going through the character creation process, MoR Enhanced offers six different starting templates that are very powerful without breaking the game or causing unbalancing issues. They can be compared to an in-game 1300-day grind - with enough money and Influence to comfortly take you all over Ikaanos.

Apart from powerful skills, attributes and a thick wallet, most templates have special dialogues that appear in quests/vendors and a set of unique abilities - The Magnate can invest heavily in Abbot Roo's and Walton's Gunstore, while the Master Scholar is already a well-known Arch Scientist that even the esteemed Professor Wolf respects.

Silver tongue[edit | edit source]

You start as a good-looking manipulator that can seduce even the most fiestiest of girls. You're also an expert lovemaker who has lived a relatively easy life with friends, money and groupies in abundance. Inheriting your brother's mansion is just another check on your long list of good fortunes.

  • Top skill (I): Manipulate (130)
  • Top skill (II): Charm (130)
  • Starting cash: $20,000

Master Scholar[edit | edit source]

You start the game as a Master of Science and Academics - that also carries one of Ikaanos' brightest minds. Students look at you with awe as you teach them, and ordinary professors ask you for help when they need assistance with difficult tasks. Leaving your rented apartment for your family's old mansion is a great opportunity to expand your influence - and more room for your growing library.

  • Top skill (I): Academics (130)
  • Top skill (II): Science (120)
  • Starting cash: $55,000
  • Starts with an Academy assignment and a high Academy Disposition.
  • Enjoys respectful comments from other scholar and several bonuses while working at the Academy.

Übermenschen[edit | edit source]

You start the game as a perfectionist that's taken his body and mind to completely new levels. The key is mastery in everything; academics, science, combat, lovemaking and the art of manipulation.

  • Top skill (I): Manipulate (95)
  • Top skill (II): Ranged weapons (90)
  • Starting cash: $25,000
  • Starts with a Healing Implant (Mark I).

Master of War[edit | edit source]

You start the game as one of Ikaanos' top warriors with mastery in all branches of melee and ranged combat. You've also been gifted with a powerful body that's incredibly strong, but also very dextrous.

  • Top skill (I): Ranged weapons (110)
  • Top skill (II): Melee weapons (105)
  • Starting cash: $30,000
  • Enjoys respectful comments from vendors, and discount on tendstims.
  • Starts with the powerful Healing Implant (Mark II).

Magnate[edit | edit source]

You're very successful - and that's probably still a pretty modest thing to say. Several decades of good investments have made you a millionaire and there are very few vendors and other businessmen who haven't heard about you.

  • Top skill (I): Manipulate (110)
  • Top skill (II): Charm (75)
  • Starting cash: $1,100,000
  • Enjoys respectful comments from vendors and powerful investment options.

Rise from Ashes[edit | edit source]

You've always been the black sheep of the family and inherited nothing when your parents passed away. But the bad luck didn't end there. The last couple of years have been destitude and you can count the lucky days when you didn't have to sleep next to a nest of cockroaches. You've not reached mastery in any skill and will have a really tough time trying to save your brother's house from falling into the hands of the city council due to you beeing unable to pay its upkeep.

Or can you turn the tide and leave a mark in the history of Ikaanos, showing them that you are a true empire builder?

  • Top skill (I): Survival (45)
  • Top skill (II): Ranged weapons (35)
  • Starting cash: $300