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The cultural nationalism that swept across Earth in the early 23rd century still lingers on Raana today, several centuries later. After the devastation of World War III, the following famine and the Sino-Oceanic collapse in 2150, Earth's people found refuge in returning to their roots, basking in "the old ways" that had become an anecdote reserved for dust-gathering history books.

This was also a time of peace and prosperity with no conflict zones that forced people to migrate. Humanity had grown tired of fighting amongst themselves after centuries of world-spanning wars. The discoveries of alien life on other planets had also fundamentally changed the minds of the human race, who now could gaze into other worlds than their own.

Prominent "races" on Raana[edit | edit source]

  • American (35%)
  • Old British (12%)
  • Scandi (11%)
  • Old German (12%)
  • Old French (7%)
  • Russian (6%)
  • Tribalists (5-15%)
  • Japanese (5%)
  • African unionists (4%)
  • Celts (2%)
  • Italian (1%)
  • Gandarians (0.01%)

"Old" is a genealogical Whitehaven Academist term that implies the race in question has mingled with other races to such an extent that it's hard to calculate exact numbers - mostly due to borrowing names from other races; primarily American.

Native races[edit | edit source]