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You can appoint your wife as the main slave trainer in your household, should you want to occupy yourself with other tasks.

Whether your wife will be successful or not, and what kind of slaves she'll produce, is governed by a very advanced set of scripts.

Base success[edit | edit source]

Her main attribute while training slaves is INTELLIGENCE. A clever wife will be genuinely good at forming her slaves, while a stupid bimbo will be close to worthless.

  • Being very Kind (60+) gives an additional -10 base chance.
  • Discipline 50+ gives a +10 base chance.
  • Discipline 80+ gives an additional +15 base chance.
  • Being Soulmate to her husband gives a +15 base chance.

Training template[edit | edit source]

Your wife's AI will follow one specific training template based on your actions, her traits and her attributes/skills. This template can change based on how you've treated her, or if anything makes her rethink her current character (like lowered Corruption or Willpower).

Cock-hungry whores Template[edit | edit source]

Executes is Nymphomaniac Trait is active OR Corruption is above 50.

  • Wife will try to persuade your slaves to appreciate anal and vaginal sex up to her own level.
  • Wife will try to increase your slaves' Corruption up to her own level.
  • Small daily chance that your slaves will increase their Nymphomaniac Trait value.

Warrior pack Template[edit | edit source]

Executes if Corruption is below 50, Nymphomaniac trait is inactive and her Ranged or Melee skill is above 49.

  • Wife will train your slaves in Melee and Ranged, up to her own level. She'll also try maximize their Strength and Dexterity (caps at 60-70).

Servants first Template[edit | edit source]

Executes if neither of the above is true, and Discipline is above 29.

  • Wife will try to train your slaves up to her own Domestic and Gardening skill levels.

Base training[edit | edit source]

In addition to switching between templates, your slave mistress will always affect her slaves in the following skills/stats:

  • She will always try to lower your slaves' WILLPOWER down to her own value in that Attribute.
  • She will always try to raise or lower your slaves' Affection toward you, down or up to her own value.
  • A wife with the Malevolent trait or a Kindness below 20 has a 20% chance of lowering her slaves' Happiness (down to a minimum of 8) - IF your wife's WILLPOWER is higher than the affected slave.