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  • Age: 21
  • Race: American
  • Frame: Normal
  • Hair: Blonde
  • Religion: Random
  • Base location: Hamilton Jail (chapter 2, "The last relative")
  • Status: Slave
  • Roaming location: Marston Swamps - orphanage

Note! This slave is only included in the Tier2+ subscription version!

Background[edit | edit source]

You can customize this slave's background when you pick her up at the jail in Hamilton, including her name. Doing so will also set the future parameters for your brother's personality, which might influence some dialogues and events in later chapters.

You begin by choosing if your brother acted Fatherly, Ordinary or Perverted against her - this will in turn affect traits, skills and attributes in various ways. Note that this slave has spent six years together with your brother. Selecting a Perverted path might therefore make her a good fuck-toy, but it will also wreck the girl's Happiness and could provide her with various negative traits. A Fatherly path makes her a confident and happy girl, that might also be spoiled and materialistic.

After choosing your brother's character, you're able to select what kind of focus he had while training his slave. Did he use her as a combat slave, a maid, a pleasure slave, an adventurer/gatherer or did he send her off to the academy?

Each focus will differ depending on which path you chose in the first step. A Fatherly > Pleasure slave background means that your brother courted and respected her, like a mistress, while teaching her the arts of love. A Perverted > Combat slave background means that the poor girl had to endure years of hardships while he trained her into a fierce warrior.

This slave can have a total of 15 different backgrounds.

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