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Willpower is an Attribute that measures a slave's level of obedience, confidence and initiative. Although obedience can also be achieved through Corruption or Affection, lowering Willpower is the most efficient way to increase a slave's compliance. But also remember that a high Willpower value comes with its own benefits.

Benefits of Low Willpower[edit | edit source]

  • Broken/Devoted slaves (Willpower below 1) will always agree to sexual requests, shower/bath events and other suggestions from the MC.
  • Higher yield when slave is sold.
  • Less Affection/Happiness loss from demeaning/violent events.

Benefits of High Willpower[edit | edit source]

  • A Happy slave with a Willpower value above 30 has a small chance of increasing her own Charisma (once per day).
  • A slight bonus to raising skills (Affection must be at least Neutral, Happiness 30+, Willpower 30+).
  • A +15 chance bonus to all Arena rolls if Willpower is 40+.
  • Higher Happiness/Affection yield from encouragement.
  • Willpower 25+ is one of the requirements for a slave to become a Perfectionist. Although you can lower willpower after the slave developed that trait without endangering the trait.

Decreasing Willpower[edit | edit source]

  • Explain chores and sexual duties, preferably in a dominant manner (Talk > Explain something).
  • Ask about sexual preferences in a dominant way (Talk > Ask something).
  • By requesting sex in a dominant or sadistic way.
  • Through degrading acts during sex and shower/bath events.
  • Through bondage sessions.
  • Through Frightening or Terrorizing actions (Talk section).

Humiliation[edit | edit source]

A straightforward way of lowering Willpower is by maintaining a high Humiliation value. Ending the day with a maxed Humiliation (15+/15), will always decrease a slave's Willpower by one point, regardless of Traits, current values or other states. Raising Humiliation can be done in many ways; talking dominantly, using bondage devices or by degrading cum events, to mention a few.

Pain[edit | edit source]

Ending the day with maxed-out Humiliation and maxed-out pain (10/10), has a 25% chance of lowering a girl's Willpower with an additional point.

Increasing WIllpower[edit | edit source]

  • Encouraging a slave.
  • Assign slave to the Academy (all but the domestic course have decent chance at increasing WILL).
  • Assign slave to Secret Garden Bookstore.