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The Tier2+ ($5) version of MoR offers a quest that details the whereabouts and events surrounding your brother, who mysteriously vanished before leaving his mansion to you. This is one of the main quests in Masters of Raana and offers, among other things, a good starting weapon (an ancient Colt .45 Peacemaker) and the possibility to establish a Great House.

The next chapter involves one of your brother's escaped slaves, whom you're able to fetch from the local jail after troopers found her half-dead in a nearby swamp. This slave is dynamic and her selectable background will determine your brother's character and form the outline of the next chapters in this questline.

The third chapter offers a lengthy investigation quest in and around Ikaanos - focused on your brother's last week before he vanished.

How to start quest[edit | edit source]

When playing MoR, go to "Manage Home > Office" and pick up the Red Book marked with an "H" found on one of the bookshelves while looking at the Office map to your right.

This will start the quest. Just follow the instructions in your Journal to find your brother's hidden cache, and then wait for a letter from Hamilton Jail to pick up his runaway slave.

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