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Timeline[edit | edit source]

  • 2025: Start of The Second Cold War between the Pan-Asian Confedaration and NATO.
  • 2040: Earth experiences a rapid decline in demographic welfare and increased food shortages due to climate change, migration and regional collapsing economies.
  • 2048: World War III erupts after tensions escalate between the Pan-Asian Confederation and NATO.
  • 2050: World War III turns nuclear, after intentional use of tactical warheads to wipe out a a ground invasion in western Belarus.
  • 2059: Start of the Great Famine - a global economic collapse causes 3.3 Billion deaths. World War III ends.
  • 2060-2069: A period of political upheaval and widespread lawlessness in many countries. Dubbed "The Second Dark Age".
  • 2070: Earth has recovered from World War III. The Great Famine ends, with the resulting demographic relief bringing unprecedented economic growth.
  • 2070-2095: The Age of Discoveries: Daniel Esterhazy makes groundbreaking achievements in nanotechnology, fusion power and anti-gravitational fields.
  • 2098: The Spaceship USS Govinda discovers an Alien Quantum-Teleportation-Gate behind Mars.
  • 2104-2150: The age of space exploration. Earth begins to map an intricate network of Quantum-Gates that spans many solar systems. Advancements in fusion technology and ultra-drives provide faster space travel.
  • 2107: We are not alone: the exploration of Planet Avasul (YRB-12) discovers advanced lifeforms living both on land and in water. However, Avasul is an arid world and devoid of intelligent life.
  • 2109-2115: Space Expeditions discover five more planets harboring life. They are not suitable for human colonization.
  • 2116-2117: Scientific Expedition ships discover the Planets of Raana (YRB-43) and Atlantica (YRB-45). Both planets harbor life and have a paradisaical climate that favors human civilization.
  • 2130: The first colony ship USS Seneca destined for Raana crashes when it enters the planet's atmosphere. All attempts to contact the expedition fail. All are presumed dead.
  • 2132-2159: Great turmoil on Earth and in its trans-planetary colonies.
  • 2150: The Sino-Oceanic Collapse is an unfortunate combination of famine, civic unrest and a 9.9 magnitude earthquake, which kills 700 million people in Asia and Oceania.
  • 2230: Space exploration thrives again and Earth experiences an unprecedented state of peace and prosperity. This year, a huge colony ship embarks for Raana and reaches the planet on Christmas Eve.
  • 2230-2289: Colonization of Raana and Atlantica. In contrast to the peaceful fauna of Atlantica, Raana's Jungles throw a myriad of murderous creatures at anyone who dares to travel 3 days away from the fortified outposts.
  • 2290: The Severance shuts down the quantum gate between Alpha Centauri and the Celassi star system (called Raana's Star).
  • 2290-2310: Raana's colony experiences great chaos as warlords and syndicates fight over power in the vacuum created by The Severance from Earth. Famine, slavery and death becomes the norm for many decades, and this terrifying reality seeps into all new civic structures that arise from the ashes of the old colony.
  • 2489: Master of Raana's start date.