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This (official) guide serves as an in-depth look at the mechanics of Masters of Raana (MoR), providing you with a set of important tools that'll hopefully make you thrive in whatever career path you decide to follow while playing the game. For starters, Masters of Raana is completely "open-world" and offers no hand-holding or linear gameplay after the initial tutorial quests. It's your saga - and you decide whether you'd like to play as a slave trainer, a bounty hunter, a crafter, an assembly plant worker, a simple survivalist or any combination of professions.

In Masters of Raana, you take the role of a male protagonist that's recently inherited a large house from his disappeared brother. That makes you one of the lucky ones. The world of Raana is harsh and unforgiving, where might and influence determine who you are and how the future will remember you.

Basic survival[edit | edit source]

While Masters of Raana has an adult theme with a strong focus on capturing and training beautiful slave girls, the game's core content is making sure that your MC survives by gathering resources and keeping his household together. That means having enough food to feed himself and his (possible) stable of servants, and enough money to pay for his upkeep. How you gather that food and gold is completely up to you but it's of uttermost importance that you don’t run out of cash. Having a negative balance for seven days in a row means GAME OVER – and it's technically the only way you can lose MoR.

End game[edit | edit source]

Masters of Raana has no real end game goal. You can continue building your empire until your MC dies of old age – fostering children, marrying your favorite girl and conquering other factions. There exist a set of "Main quests", however, that could be considered a way to "finish" MoR's storyline. These are:

  • Finding out what happened to your lost brother ("The Last Relative" questline – exclusive to Tier2+ subscribers).
  • Finding out the dark secrets of Raana ("The Prowler in the Depths" questline).
  • Helping House Kymanto and restore them to their former glory ("The Shrouded House" questline).
  • Either helping or break the former rebel leader Aria Bianchi (the "Slavemasters of Raana" questline).

You can read about these quests either in your in-game journal or at this wiki.

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