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The world of Raana is a trove of lost treasures, abandoned buildings and desperate people willing to hire adventurers. This page lists all available quests and where to find them.

Main quests[edit | edit source]

  • The Last Relative: A Tier2+ Quest. This quest requires the Tier2+ Special html-file to activate. See the Tier2 quest post on SSA for instructions.
  • The Shrouded House: The main Kymanto quest line. Start this quest by visiting Kymanto Hall in Hamilton Square.
  • Slavemasters of Raana: Main slave quest. First goal is the acquisition of Aria Bianchi - an imprisoned rebel leader that's about to be sold at the exclusive slave house in Crystal Heights. Talk to her after bringing her home to open up the second chapter.

Vendor quests[edit | edit source]

  • A Hundred Guns: A medium-sized quest that you get after asking if Mr. Walton in Redhaven's weapon store needs any help. Features slave Michelle Wolfe.
  • Headkiller's Crew: A small quest that you get after asking if Abbot Roo in Redhaven's general store needs any help.
  • A Holiday Gift: A medium-sized quest that you get after talking to Nika at Nika's Clothes store in Westside.
  • A Sisterly Dilemma: A medium-szed quest that activates after investing in Aimee's Goods store (Stokke Hills). Involves the kidnapping of Aimee's little sister, Dakota.

Academy quests[edit | edit source]

  • The Prowler in the Depths: A medium-sized quest that begins during Professor Wolf's first Academy course (Complete Masters - lecture 2).
  • The Prowler in the Depths 2: A long quest that starts right after you've finished Chapter 1 and read a letter you received from a Miss Winton.
  • Übermenschen: A special task that begins during the second Academy course (Planetary Studies) held by Professor Wolf.

POI and other quests[edit | edit source]

  • Getting my bearings: Part NPC, part Tutorial quest that activates automatically when starting a new game (after Follows Ansel's raider problem and ends with four crafting missions down in Stokke Hills.
  • Redhaven adventures: A number of smaller missions that revolve around South Redhaven, North Redhaven and the swampy forests between Redhaven and Marston Avenue. Talk to the magistrate in South Redhaven to start this quest chain.
  • The Temple of Doom: A medium-sized quest that starts after talking to the children inside the Temple of Yidhra in Kasey's Park.
  • Taking Down the Hulk: A small quest that might ease the difficulty of taking down Kasey's Park's rogue space marines and their leader, the fearsome Space Hulk.
  • Juno's dilemma: A small quest in Stokke Hills that starts when you enter an abandoned house that's currently occupied by two bandits.
  • The underthing: Scavenge the catacombs of an old factory in Stokke Hills to discover the remnants of a long-gone family - as well as some mysterious writings.
  • The inheritance: A Tier4+ exclusive quest that's automatically activated if you choose the "Wealthy parents" starting template at character creation. This quest requires the Tier4+ Special html-file to activate.
  • The Maid: Madame Stuckey, proprietress of The Velvet Room, invites the MC to a special session that'll take him through a carnal journey of depravity. Check mail box after reaching Affection 50+ with the Madame.

Tavern quests[edit | edit source]

  • Westside Raiders: A small bounty quest you get from "Rumors and Jobs" in Furry's tavern.
  • Magic Mushrooms: A small quest you can pick up from "Rumors and Jobs" in Furry's tavern.
  • Devious Delivery: A small quest you can pick up from "Rumors and Jobs" in Furry's tavern.
  • Golden Papers: A small quest you can pick up from "Rumors and Jobs" in Divine Juices tavern.

Party quests[edit | edit source]

Requirement: Arrange event. Note! These quests appear randomly. Requirements below don't guarantee that the quest event will show up.

  • The Dig: Invite only Michelle to a dinner. If her Willpower is below 5 and her Affection Loving+, she'll tell you one of her deepest secrets, that takes you out on a treasure hunt in Ikaanos.
  • The sugar daddy: Invite only Lovisa to a casual dinner. If she's not too upset or hates you, and has spent more than 14 days in your household, she'll ask you to help her deal with a guy who's been harassing her in Redhaven.
  • Tales from Redhaven: Finish both quests for Walton and Abbot Roo and invite them to a dinner. This will execute a conversation where they ask you to deal with a new raider menace that's threatening their business.

NPC-related quests[edit | edit source]

  • Lost Girls: Michelle's character quest. A long adventure that starts after asking about her Background, if your Affection is Amiable+ (Click the "Worth checking out?" link).
  • Nicole's Debt: A small quest that starts after talking to Nicole Boulay at her apartment. You need to solve this quest in order to add her as a slave to your household.
  • The hidden glade: Rebecca's character quest. Starts when asking about her Background, if your Affection is Amiable+ (Click the "Worth checking out?" link).
  • The vault: Lovisa's character quest. Starts when asking about her Background, if your Affection is Amiable+ (Click the "Worth checking out?" link).
  • The blind hunt: Caitlin's character quest. A very long adventure that starts automatically when interacting with Caitlin for the first time.
  • Ashbury Estates: Amelia's character quest. A medium-length mystery adventure that activates when reaching Amiable+ with Amelia and asking for her background. (Click the "Worth checking out?" link) Also Features an endless conquest loop after completing it.
  • My beloved father: Mai-Lynn's character quest. A rather long quest that starts when asking Mai-Lynn about her background - if her Affection is Amiable+.
  • In the name of God: Aisha's character quest. A long quest that activates after reaching 10,000 Influence and completing 12 bounties or finishing Kymanto: Chapter 2.
  • The Golden Seal: A small adventure that starts after gaining Eliana Nichols trust (Furry's Tavern>Private Session>Eliana Nicols). It ends with the MC having the option to add Eliana as a slave to his household.
  • The circlet: Kelly's character quest. A very small adventure involving Kelly's capture that has a small, daily chance to execute as a random NPC event. You must have a mercenary or hero hired. Missing the event when cycling days will not terminate it - the event has an equal chance to happen until you've resolved the first part.
  • The box: Adora's character quest. A very small adventure involving something that your missing brother left behind. Reach Affection Amiable+ an ask about Adora's background to activate this quest.
  • Bud's bullies: A mini quest acquired from Bud Walton after having a one-on-one dinner and asking him a personal question (33% chance of dialogue to appear).

Town Hall Bounties[edit | edit source]

The player can engage in bounty hunting for money and influences, with two options available: Quest Bounties & Common Bounties (= Random Bounties). Bounties are posted at the Town Hall.

Common bounties you get one at a time, and they refresh the day after you complete or drop the previous.

There are currently three quest bounties in the game:

  • Brian Calloway
  • Haruto Pai
  • Anders Lundqvist