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The player in Masters of Raana shares Ikaanos with hundreds of detailed NPCs (Non-Player-Characters) that he's able to interact with in various ways. Most NPCs can also be added to his household as slaves, servants or mercenaries, just like you did with Ansel in the tutorial quest.

NPCs are divided into three main categories:

  • Story NPCs. Story NPCs continue to live their lives, and age, work, lose or gain skill values etc. even if they're not assigned to the MC's household. These are the NPCs you stumble upon while exploring the map, solving quests, or through luck. Click here for a list of all available Story NPCs.
  • Random NPCs. Random NPCs are as advanced as story NPCs, but get deleted when dismissed. These can often be found in slave auctions or as captured enemies after a combat that you've won.
  • Non-assignable NPCs. Certain shopkeepers and powerful political entities.

Status[edit | edit source]

Story NPCs and Random NPCs have a status assigned to them, that determines if they're low-life convicts or honored heroes of Ikaanos. An NPC's status can be changed through manipulation, deeds, and other events.

  • Convict (1): Slaves who have been convicted to a lifetime of slavery after being found guilty of a very serious offence. They have no legal rights.
  • Slave (2): People who have either been born into slavery, or entered it voluntarily due to debt, impoverishment, fetishes or other reasons. Read more here.
  • Servant (3): Also known as Issids, servants are free men and women who have signed a bond letter to a lord, household master or ranch owner. They have legal rights but are often given the same treatment as slaves.
  • Mercenary (4): Free sell-swords who work as caravan guards, body guards or temporary army hires.
  • Paragon (5): Proud warriors, renowned musicians or other high-ranking people of Ikaanos belong to the paragon group.
  • Gentleman (6): Scientists, professors, and glorified amateur researchers often count themselves in this group.
  • Family(9): Your offspring, siblings and other close relatives belong to this group.
  • Wife (10): Your wife, or wives, also have a special NPC status that puts them aside from others, offering more interactions and unique dialogues and titles.

You can read more about statuses here.

Interacting with NPCs[edit | edit source]

Masters of Raana's richest feature is the interactions with other NPCs. Take your daughter out on a movie night, play chess with your best friend, visit expensive restaurants together with your wife or spend long hours downstairs doing bondage sex with your favorite girl. Anything is possible, and roughly 750,000+ words of text plus 3,000+ unique renders guarantee hundreds of hours of interesting gameplay.

Governing how these NPCs react to your jokes, charm attempts or depraved commands are a series of frameworks that check an NPC's 230+ attributes, skills and personality traits. A dominant seduction attempt could turn one girl on, while another might be offended by your lewd attempt at trying to get inside her pants.

Interact with an NPC by clicking on Npc.jpg in the bottom right corner when you're at "Home". Then find the NPC you want to talk to and click on his or her Int.png button.

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Below are some guidelines if you ever feel you need to read more about affecting NPCs.

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