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Servants, also referred to as slaves, are acquirable entities in Masters of Raana that offer the player a wide range of interaction options, such as work assignments, combat reinforcements, and as healers. They may be obtained via missions, scavenging, or by purchasing them at specific slave auctions.

History of Slavery[edit | edit source]

Slavery, most commonly referred to as servitude, is a legal institution that is very prevalent and socially acceptable in modern Ikaanos. It was passed into law in 2293 to quell the social unrest of that time. It was widely rejected by the female population at the time but over generations acceptance slowly grew until the practice became the widely-accepted institution that you see today.

"A person who enters servitude forfeits his or her right to freedom of movement, the ability to choose his or her activities, and control over his or her bodily autonomy. A servant transfers his or her rights to the bondsmaster, who is legally responsible for the slave, and lives at the bondsmaster's mercy until the contract expires."

"A bondsmaster must provide for his servants and not cause them unnecessary pain or starvation. He shalt not draw blood so that his servant loses consciousness unless adequate reasons exist. He shalt not strike or whip his servant so that he or she cannot walk after a day has passed. He is not allowed to let a servant die unless the servant has drawn blood on the bondsmaster or if the servant has committed a crime that is considered serious under skyguard enforcement law. If found guilty of any of these mistreatments, a bondsmaster may forfeit his right to his slave and/or pay a fine of up to 2000 dollars."

- IC Law SL001, "Virax’s Amendment" passed 2293

Categories[edit | edit source]

Even though a slave's status and rights are bound by IC law, there exist many types of slaves in an unsanctioned but broadly accepted hierarchy.

Household slaves[edit | edit source]

Mainly used for household chores like milk maids to newborns, cleaners, gardeners and similar tasks. Household slaves live close to their masters, meaning they often perform sexual services as well.

Pleasure slaves[edit | edit source]

Pleasure slaves can be found in taverns, restaurants and similar entrepreneurships. Their work includes sexual services, serving customers, playing instruments, and acting as companions. Prostitutes at taverns often belong to this category.

Floor Crawlers[edit | edit source]

A lower form of pleasure slaves. Floor crawlers are used as cum dumpsters, take part in gang-bang orgies, and are rented out to perverted nobles.

Gold Walkers[edit | edit source]

Another word for street prostitutes. Gold walkers are pimped by their masters to earn money on the streets or on markets.

Gritters[edit | edit source]

Slaves that follow Skyguard patrols, bandit troops, and larger armies on the field. Gritters perform both sexual and domestic tasks.

Foodgivers[edit | edit source]

Slaves that work in kitchens. Services might include lighter domestic tasks shared by household slaves, but Foodgivers are seldom given the attention a household girl gets and this status is often reserved for older women or girls that are deemed not attractive enough.

Ranch Cattle[edit | edit source]

Slaves assigned as workers on the great ranches surrounding Ikaanos. Few can live more than a decade as ranch cattle and it's often considered the worst type of slavery except being a floor crawler.

Gankers[edit | edit source]

Slaves assigned as bodyguards or as frontline soldiers. Often with less than optimal protection or training. However it is relatively rare to see a master give a slave a weapon.

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