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A smaller hotfix/addon update released on April 22, 2022.

No need to patch.

Gameplay changes[edit | edit source]

• Added mercenary Enya's background story (thanks Hargan).

• There's now a Quick Load button on the Lobby page so players can jump right back in without going through the presentation screen.

• Raised the skill chance increase for Academy programs by 70-100%. All slaves will now progress a bit faster while studying at the Academy, if their skills is below 80. This increase also affects potential Willpower boosts.

• Added Influence levels that'll have a significant impact on various situations in Ikaanos. (Wiki page with descriptions is WIP. Will launch shortly).

• You're now able to apply a teenage slave as a teacher at the Academy IF your **Influence **is 6000 or higher.

• There's now a Save Game menu inside "Other Options" at your house when you're playing the Grimdark difficulty. This enables you to "save to disk" if that need should arise.

• It's now a little easier to train slaves when you "Include" them in your sessions, if their Discipline is 30 or higher.

• The Sandbox Difficulty will now add an extra success bonus chance when you Include slaves in your training sessions.

• Minor tweaks to the Arena cash yield for experienced slaves.

• You can now sell female armors at the market.

• You will no longer lose ammo during hunting sessions if you didn't find any prey.

• Lowered Stamina cost of scrapping metal by 33%.

• You can now sell Coilguns, Plasma rifles and Power Katanas at the market.

• Added descriptions and 100 lines of dialogue for when undressing broken/devoted slaves. Unique dialogue added for Juno.

Revamped Options menu[edit | edit source]

You can now restart MoR, save your game and view the credits inside the Options menu.

New book[edit | edit source]

• Added skill book **The Pain of Rose** (Also called The Art of Paine III) to Devious Tools. Provides a noticeable Bondage, Flagellation and Charm boost.

New armor[edit | edit source]

Added Stealth armor. Soak 17, no Dexterity loss. Wearing a Stealth armor means a lowered chance of getting hit by enemies, if mercs or MC are still fighting and if they're not wearing Stealth armor themselves. Purchasable at Imperial arms.

New Quests and Enemies[edit | edit source]

• Added two new bounties to the Town Hall in Hamilton Square.

• Added quest **Mr. Haruto's dilemma**. Activates after you've picked up his bounty at the Town Hall.

• The respawn chance for the bandit stronghold in Stokke Hills has been increased from 2% to 10%. There's now a new group of raiders from Celior forest than can occupy the fortress if it's cleared by either the MC or by Skyguard Police. Expect tougher bandits if the Celior event should execute at this location.

New art[edit | edit source]

• Added 1 Sex scene for Lovisa (cunnilingus seduction event).

• Added 9 Sex scenes for Rachel (anal/vaginal, various, seduction) - Tier5 Subscribestar Request).

• Added 13 new wardrobe scenes for Rebecca (replacers - new body morph).

• Added 5 new Stealth armor pics (Lovisa, Rebecca, Michelle, Piper, Averil).

Bugfixes[edit | edit source]

• Fixed a major bug that kept your slaves from obtaining orgasms during Bondage and Whipping sessions. An orgasm should now happen in the 10-12 Arousal range.

• Fixed a bug that would throw a red error during bondage sex.

• Fixed a missing horse riding/stable picture.

• Fixed a bug that would display Annex slaves in the same armor as your active and combat assigned slave.

• Fixed a bug that would initiate two opposing bandit events during the "Political Events" phase.

• Fixed a bug that would enable close combat starting positions at 90 instead of the described 80.

• Fixed a bug that wouldn't display enemy reviews correctly at the Arena.

• Fixed a bug that would let slaves trapped in bondage perform morning blowjobs if they were set at secondary slaves.

• Fixed a bug that would give a non-existing secondary slave a Stamina boost after viewing beautiful sightings at Preacher's Pond.

• Fixed a bug that wouldn't display the Golden Dragon entry sign if you are playing on Linux.

• You can now view your secondary slave in armor when inspecting her inventory on the field.

• Many smaller text changes/corrected typos.