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The support through SubscribeStar or Patreon enables Grimdark to reallocate most of his time into coding, purchase textures for future NPCs, render more hot scenes and hire artists. The development of Masters of Raana depends completely on subscriptions and donations as Grimdark is an indie-dev. All contributions to this project will be funneled into making MoR a better, sexier and more interesting world for players to explore.

Masters of Raana is free-to-play, but a Tier level provides you with some unique benefits - as a token of Grimdark's appreciation.

You can support MoR here:


Or on Patreon.

Tier 1 ($3)[edit | edit source]

  • Grimdark's eternal gratitude.
  • Vote in important polls to determine development priorities.

Tier 2 ($5)[edit | edit source]

  • All from the Tier 1 category.
  • A unique quest line that follows your missing brother and the possible establishment of a new Great House.
  • A customizable slave that's tied to the history of your household.
  • A unique weapon (Colt .45 Peacemaker).

Tier 3 ($10)[edit | edit source]

  • All from the Tier 2 category.
  • Access to newest completed version roughly 1-2 weeks prior to public release.
  • 10% discount on commission jobs.

Tier 4 ($25)[edit | edit source]

  • All from the Tier 3 category.
  • The prestigious Acolytes of Raana role.
  • Access to all Alpha content.
  • Access to high-res renders and a special image pack with detailed Tier4+-only stories, threesomes and more.
  • MoR Enhanced. Features a set of unique starting templates in Legacy or a large set of character creation points when customizing classes. Do you want to begin as one of Ikaanos greatest warriors, as a renowned scholar that's an important pillar at the Academy or as a millionaire Magnate with a mind that knows how to manipulate everything around him?
  • Special quest: The Inheritance. Activates if you pick the Inheritance trait at character creation.

Tier 5 ($50)[edit | edit source]

  • All from the Tier 4 category.
  • I'll implement a character of your choice: prostitute, vendor, urchin, or another interesting personality in Ikaanos. Features at least three renders and some form of interact option. You can also choose to have up to eight renders of any slave in either bondage, wardrobe or sex scenes done for the next update (unless release is imminent). You can claim this request once per month.
  • Your name in MoR's credits.

Tier 6 ($100)[edit | edit source]

  • All from the Tier 5 category.
  • I'll implement a real NPC that you can hire and assign to your household. Includes at least five renders and around 3,000 words of custom-written dialogue/events for this character.
  • Chancellor role. Strong influence on development prioritizes.