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The MC can propose to one of his slaves and honor that girl by making her his equal under the sacred duality in The Church of The Two Moons.

The proposal[edit | edit source]

The MC's potential spouse must have either a Willpower below 5 or an Affection that is Loving or higher if he wants a guaranteed "Yes" to his question. A sly MC (high Manipulation) or a charming loverboy (high Charm) might be able to persuade a girl to join him in holy wedlock, but it's relatively hard if neither of the above is true. A high Anger, Defiance or a conflicting trait might further diminish a positive outcome from the proposal. You propose by navigating to "Events & Activities > Propose Marriage".

  • NOTE! You can only propose to a girl if she's been in your household for a minimum of six days. Some girls might also require you to finish their main quest before proposing marriage.

Ceremonies and Festivities[edit | edit source]

The ceremony takes place at either a local temple, or at Crystal Cathedral if your Influence is high enough. You'll need a minimum of $500 to go through with a wedding - which include costs for the mandatory festivities and the traditional cleric's donation.

A wedding ceremony under The Two Moons is a relatively simple event, but you have control over the lavishness of the following feast:

  • Simple ($500): No Influence gains.
  • Ordinary ($2500): +200 Influence. +5 Wife Happiness/Affection.
  • Luxurious ($7000): +600 Influence. +1 Willpower. +15 Wife Happiness/Affection. +1 Wife Respect.
  • Epic ($25000): +1500 Influence. +2 Willpower. +25 Wife Happiness/Affection. +5 Wife Respect.

Gifts[edit | edit source]

At the Luxurious and Epic levels, one of your guests will provide you with a priceless gift that produces some form of Skill, Attribute or Influence bonus to either you or your spouse. It can be anything from a WW3 artifact to a valuable painting that'll make your household even more opulent than before.

Wife's assignments[edit | edit source]

Wives can study and work at any vendor/school location that you've discovered - just like ordinary slaves. They may also work as maids or gardeners in your household, if her husband wants his wife to pull an additional income to cover expenses.

Certain assignments might create some negative effects, however:

  • Assigning your wife as a simple maid will lower her Happiness with one point per day, down to a minimum of 25.
  • Assigning your wife as a fucktoy at Devious Tools will lower your Influence with 5 points per day, down to a minimum of 200.
  • Assigning your wife to Abbot Roo or Walton's Gunstore has a 25% chance to lower her Happiness with one point per day, down to a minimum of 25.

Duties[edit | edit source]

A wife's true obligation in the Ikaanian society is not working by her husband's and his slaves' sides, at least according to tradition. A wife to a landowner is a free, respectable woman, whose commitment should be to serve her household and strengthening it from within - staying true to her husband and his family name, as long as he gives her the respect she deserves. Unless you want your wife to work, study or act as your constant combatant, you're able to assign her various Duties that'll empower your household, Influence and respect in various ways:

  • Slave mistress: Your wife has the primary responsibility to train your slaves. How she does this is not up to you - various traits, her own Willpower, her unique character and other attributes decide whether she'll turn them into cock-hungry whores or fierce warriors that one day might revolt if you go against their Mistress. Note! Just like her husband, your wife will only be able to focus on your two main slaves.
    • Read more about the slave mistress framework here.
  • Herald: Your wife travels Ikaanos as a herald - representing the (hopefully) proud household she now belongs to. It's rather costly, as she'll need a carriage and a couple of additional servants, but it might be worth it - a high Beauty + Intelligence + Knowledge skills could potentially pull in dozens of Influence points per day.
  • Stewardess: Your wife sees to the household economics and has the main responsibility to streamline your accounting by minimizing expenditures and other costly factors. She'll also indulge in petty investments that could give you a small, randomized extra income each day, based on her Domestic, Intelligence and Educational skills.

Wife's coffers[edit | edit source]

You're able to deposit cash for your wife to use in order to boost the results from her duties. This is extra important for Heralds and Stewardesses. Most wives occasionally deduct a small amount every now and then and use it for her own pleasures.

Pregnancy[edit | edit source]

You're able to make your wife pregnant by removing her from the TotaLube in the House rules section. Every ejaculation placed in your wife's pussy raises her Semen count, which is used once per day to calculate if she's pregnant or not. You can increase this chance by:

  • Filling her pussy enough to max out the Semen count bar.
  • Larger loads (chosen during character creation) will fill this bar quicker than normal loads.
  • Marry teenage girls, or girls below 21.
  • Not marry girls above 32.
  • Definitely not marry girls above 40.

Getting pregnant[edit | edit source]

Once your wife is pregnant, she'll immediately drop all Anger, Defiance and Fear. Her hormones also give a one-time boost to Affection and Happiness. The pregnancy will also immediately start a countdown timer and you'll start noticing a chance in your wife's renders after reaching 200 days.

  • Expected weight gain from pregnancies are 5-35 kg (10-55 lbs), with most girls ending up with around 10-12 kg extra weight. The norm for wives with the Sweet Tooth trait is probably double that. All this can be avoided by lowering your wife's food to destitute levels - if you're willing to take the Affection and Happiness drop. A pregnant wife set on a restricted diet suffers no losses if her Discipline is 70+, however.

Boost vials[edit | edit source]

Some fathers just can't wait to start raising their kids and take their wives to the Medical Facility in Crystal Heights to give them pregnancy boost vials. One vial costs several thousand Raanic dollars, however, and only has a promised boost range of 60 days (per vial). They are relatively safe with only a 0.0001 chance of miscarriage.

Offspring[edit | edit source]