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Version 0.801B - Public Release August 20th, 2022[edit | edit source]

Version[edit | edit source]

Version 0.801 - Public Release August 19th, 2022[edit | edit source]

Version[edit | edit source]

Version 0.8 - Public Release August 12th, 2022[edit | edit source]

Version 0.8[edit | edit source]

Version - Public Release June 10th, 2022[edit | edit source]

Version[edit | edit source]

Version - Public Release June 5th, 2022[edit | edit source]

Version[edit | edit source]

Version - Public Release May 23st, 2022[edit | edit source]

Version[edit | edit source]

Version - Public Release May 21st, 2022[edit | edit source]

Version[edit | edit source]

Version - Public Release April 22nd, 2022[edit | edit source]

Version[edit | edit source]

Version 0.7.9f[edit | edit source]

Hunting[edit | edit source]

This update introduces an advanced hunting engine. Build a crew of followers or head solo into the deep forests of Imogen's Barrow in search of good game. Choose your hunting weapon wisely – a crossbow makes it harder to catch animals, but you'll get a better Skin yield. Also take notice of weather, time of day and other factors when choosing your hunting technique. Make sure you're not depleting your favorite hunting district, however. Hunting game will be easier with a high replenish factor! You can read a more intricate guide hon hunting on our wiki.

New outskirt districts (Imogen's Barrow and Preacher's Pond)[edit | edit source]

You're now able to go outside Ikaanos and visit the murky forests of Westside Swamps. Explore abandoned cottages, refresh yourself by looking at marvelous sights, invest in trade strongholds or help a desperate farming family by clearing a large tribe of degenerates. But watch out for the self-declared Swamp king!

• Imogen's Barrow features one Hunting Spot where you can hunt large game.

• New combat backgrounds added for forest encounters.

• New soundtrack added for forest districts.

New district (Crystal Hills)[edit | edit source]

By collecting 2000 Influence points, you'll gain access to the marvelous district of Crystal Hills. This is an expensive place with fancy restaurants, exclusive vendors and delightful spas that'll satiate even the most spoiled adventurer.

• A fully interactive arena (more info below).

• A restaurant with interesting choices/mini games (more info below).

• A spa (Virax Springs) that'll replenish Health and Stamina Points. You can also hire fully rendered prostitutes and a powerful mercenary.

• Imperial Arms. A combat vendor that offers a Coilgun, a Plasma Rifle, a Power Katana and two new sets of armors.

• New mercenary (Enya). A relatively cheap soldier dressed in Combat Weave and carrying a power katana.

• New mercenary (Ayden). A powerful soldier with a shady past. Found in Virax Springs.

The Arena (slaves)[edit | edit source]

Apply your slave to Crystal Hills Arena Gladiatrix School (SHAGS). Assigning her here will immediately free up her household slot and offer her an unprecedented opportunity to become a seasoned warrior. This increases the total slave cap to 5.

Arrange fights. To further fuel her fame and skill gains, you can arrange a fight against one of the other Gladiatrixes at The Arena. The bout can bring in experience, money and Influence, but also permanent injuries and serious fatigue.

The Arena has a strict policy against sex. This is not a harem! But that doesn’t stop you from exploring your Gladiatrix in her private chamber. The Arena features unique sex renders and scenes, and you can choose to act either dominant or have a casual-loving approach.

You're also able to encourage your slave and talk about how much you miss her back home. This has the chance to increase Happiness and Affection – two very important traits for dealing with the psychological hardships of the arena.

The arena (MC)[edit | edit source]

Apply yourself to Crystal Hills Arena and get an Arena score that'll determine your status as a warrior in Ikaanos. Wage combat against over twenty different groups (more will follow in later updates) that range in severity from deadly plasma-wielding super squads to lonely runaway slaves. Bring your mercenaries and household slaves into combat and claim the monetary rewards from defeating enemies.

The Golden Dragon[edit | edit source]

A fancy restaurant that offers the population of Ikaanos something far away from the floor-crawling slaves and constant fighting at Furry's Tavern and Divine Juices.

• Features an advanced date engine with many choices. Order food, enjoy tonight's entertainment and decide if you want to indulge in some of Ikaanos' fine wines or keep it a sober occasion. Feed you and your company desserts to increase Happiness – but watch out for unwanted weight gains.

• Take either one or two servants out for dinner. The setup, success chance of amorous attempts and executed dialogues differ significantly depending on how many guests that are at your table.

• Socialize, joke and ask personal questions. Every slave has her own stories to tell and there are over 2000 lines of dialogue to keep repeated visits to The Golden Dragon unique and interesting. Expensive wine, desserts and other previous choices will affect your success chances in various ways.

• Apply your slaves as performers. Doing so might make them show up as tonight's entertainment if you take another slave out on a date to this location. Working at The Golden Dragon requires high Charisma, Beauty and Dancing skills, however.

Crafting system v1 - Resource management[edit | edit source]

This update introduces resource management - the first part of MoR's crafting system. You can now build looms and smitheries at your house and use them to refine cloth into textiles, melt circuit boards into gold and transform scrap metal into steel.

Through loot and hunting, you can also come across skins, which can be worked into leather.

Managing resources will demand some initial investments, time and a certain amount of survival/science skill. But you'll be able to sell these refined materials at various vendors for a nice profit. Walton's Smithery accepts steel, Nika's clothes will buy all your textiles and gold, and the armor store in Westside will happily buy any leather you've procured.

You can also scrap Merchandise. If you're lucky, the oddities you've found might contain DuraSteel or Gold.

Access resource management by navigating to Facilities > Crafting.

Mercenaries matter[edit | edit source]

Mercenaries will now level their Ranged, Melee and Strength skills after surviving a combat encounter. The levelling is pretty linear at the moment, like a classic old-school level system. The first "level up" happens after the third fight. Mercenaries will keep their levels even if you dismiss them.

Art[edit | edit source]

• The automatic rifle, Remington rifle and pistol pics have been replaced with new renders that are less cartoonish.

• Over 15 new combat sprites added.

• Added 9 new bondage scenes for Lovisa.

• Added 12 new sex scenes for Lovisa (cum scenes, forced scenes, cowgirl, missionary).

• Added 5 new bondage scenes for Juno (the rack).

• Added 12 new wardrobe pics for Averil (formal, string, + replacements).

• Added 11 new wardrobe pics for Rachel (complete overhaul).

• Added 15 Arena pics (Lovisa, Michelle, Rebecca, Juno, Amelia).

• Added 10 new armor wardrobe pics (Lovisa, Juno, Michelle, Rebecca, Amelia)

Gameplay changes[edit | edit source]

• Revamped Nicole's newsroom. Nicole will now work diligently even if you place her at the Annex. High Happiness (70+) and Willpower (40+) boost income. Reaching a very low Willpower (4 or less) also decreases income, however, as it makes her a far less stingy reporter. Keeping her Happiness, Affection, Willpower and Academic/Tech skills high might now render up to $220/day.

• Special event added. Asking a non-Corrupted girl (3-12) what she thinks about degrading sex/BDSM now has a 40% chance of giving a temporary curiosity boost as long as your skill roll is successful, her Affection is Friendly or higher, she's not angry, and if she doesn’t have the Vanilla trait. The boost will fade after a couple of hours.

• A slave's Anger value is now displayed during interactions.

• Explaining a girl's chores now has a 10% chance of increasing her Discipline if it's 49 or lower.

• Added Automatic rifles to the loot tables.

• Added Plasma rifles, Coilguns and Power katanas to the loot tables.

• You now need 1500 Influence to hire the Black Guard from Warrior Hall.

• You can now access your slave's inventory outside your home, if you've assigned her/them as followers.

• The MC will now receive a small (+10) bonus to all combat rolls if his INTELLIGENCE is 80 or above.

• Changed the initial hire cost for many mercenaries. Most non-hero mercenaries are now a lot cheaper to hire, with only a slightly increased daily cost. This makes it easier to dismiss and re-hire them without losing a ton of cash.

• The black guard mercenary at Warrior Hall has been equipped with a coilgun.

• You can now view your Annex slave's weapons and armor under Inspect.

Bug fixes[edit | edit source]

• Fixed a bug that would remove slaves as followers if you sold/assigned your primary slave and had the secondary slave set as a follower.

• Fixed a bug that would let you spam the "finger in butt" command during anal sex, which allowed for endless arousal gain with no time/Stamina cost.

• Fixed a bug that would remove slave clothes from your inventory if you undressed them during a seduction event.

• Added an additional set of Holiday clothes in the patcher to compensate players that lost their only set due to the bug mentioned above.

• Fixed a bug that wouldn't raise Affection for mercenaries.

• Fixed a bug that would display a [NaN] evict value if you lost your money on the very first day.

• Fixed a bug that made "Take the day off" stick forever with Annex slaves.

Version 03/13/2022[edit | edit source]

This is a general hotfix with a few gameplay additions. No need to patch. Just download and replace your Masters of Raana directory with the content of this folder.


This update introduces three new difficulty levels that you'll be able to select at character creation.

Sandbox difficulty adds a bonus to (almost) all dice rolls, a retainer (+50 dollars/day), and decreases enemy damage output in combat.

Normal difficulty - no changes. Original Masters of Raana.

Grimdark difficulty is for those who want to experience how Raana really is, without increasing the grind. This means double tax/maintenance (need to plan the expansion of your household better), lower starting cash, no save except the daily autosave and a few other tweaks.

As of now, you can freely change between difficulty levels in the options menu. This might change after we've refined the system further. Note that changing between difficulty levels midgame will not break anything, so go ahead and test this system as much as you want.


Added volume controls (Options Menu).

Several gameplay tweaks and balancing issues fixed (raising Corruption too fast, Happiness bonuses increased and other minor changes).


14 new bondage scenes for Lovisa.

4 new sex scenes for Lovisa (doggystyle, anal sex).

7 new bondage scenes for Juno (the rack).


Fixed a bug that would screw up shower dialogues if a slave had asked if you'd like her to join you.

Removed a leftover testing bonus passage that made anal hooking hugely overpowered during bondage sessions.

Fixed a bug that would display "_aff" instead of Affection while viewing a slave in the annex.

Fixed a bug that would throw an error while talking dirty to a slave trapped in bondage.

Fixed a bug that made the "Temple of Doom" quest log remain in your Journal after the quest had been completed.

Many grammar corrections, fixed typos and rewritten texts.

Version 0.7.8b - February 20, 2022[edit | edit source]

NO NEED TO PATCH! Just replace your game files and reload your save.

Gameplay changes

Modified the cash returns of mercenary armor when you dismiss them.


Added four new dildo stool pics (Lovisa).

Bug fixes

Fixed a critical bug that would display a kill screen after having your Stamina points depleted.

Fixed a bug that wouldn't restore stamina while bathing/showering with a slave.

Fixed a bug that made sold armors stay equipped.

You can now heal mercenary Johnny Doyle properly.

New mercenaries will now have their correct upkeep costs.

The waitress at the coffee shop in Whitehaven is no longer called Dungah moss.

Several smaller typos and grammar fixes.

Version 0.7.8 - February 18, 2022[edit | edit source]

This is a massive update to Masters of Raana. Don't forget to press the UPDATE TO 0.7.8 button if you're loading an older save.

Note that this version DOESN'T WORK on early Alpha builds. Load a save game from either the version, or the last Alpha build (078h).

As with all larger updates, this is a good opportunity to start a new character from scratch.  

The Annex

The MC can now construct The Annex (Mange home > Annex). The Annex is an additional building that (currently) houses two upgradeable rooms. You can store a Household slave in one of these rooms to free up her spot for another slave that you want to live more closely together with.

Annex rooms have two chambers (living quarters, bathroom) and two upgrade slots that you can use to decorate each room with a wide variety of equipment. Transform the room into an advanced study apartment, a luxury condo with Mastersphere art, or a cold concrete chamber stuffed with Willpower-decreasing bondage gear.

The annex increases your total slave cap to 4.

Annex slaves can work, attend school, go to the stables, and prostitute themselves just like normal Household slaves.

You can easily swap slaves between your household and the annex.

I'll add advanced interaction choices for annex slaves in future updates. This will display scenes that are uniquely rendered for the annex.

Dice spread

In response to the "swingy-ness" of Masters of Raana, I've added two new dice roll outcomes that'll make skill actions more stable and more dependent on its actual value. The classic 1D100 roll remains as an option.

5D20. Most rolls end in the 30-70 range. Your skill level matters much more.

2D50. A mix between the classic and the 5D20 choice. A pretty stable spread that still offers some surprises.

Dice spreads can be changed anytime in the Options menu. 2D50 is set as default and should encompass most playstyles.

The Great House (Tier2+)

The tier2+ questline that reveals your family's destiny has been given some additional benefits:

The name of your great house will now display on the Redhaven map instead of "Your home".

You now have a symbol of heraldry (constructed by your brother) that will be displayed in certain situations. Change this to your own creation by just replacing the corresponding file (Pics/ch/herald.png).

Your Power Value will now grant you some special benefits, including better prices at Roo's General store (select items) and an Influence boost if the value exceeds 8.

Kasey's Park

This update adds an entire new area for the MC to explore. Kasey's Park lies nestled in the southern region of Ikaanos, close to the great wall. Merchants in this area have travelled through a breach, called Kasey's Krack, for almost 30 years. It's been a favoured shortcut that the Skyguard doesn't seem to care much about. The area is also riddled with bandits and highwaymen. Now, however, a group of rogue space marines have occupied this district and use Kasey's Krack to collect taxes for an unknown reason.

Fight the rogue space marines and help the merchants recover their lost revenues. Features great investment opportunities for the MC – if he can take a serious fight.

Small quest connected to the space marines (interact with the trade depot in Kasey's Park to activate this).

Fight bandits, freebooters, and punks.

Help or destroy Gero Falkenstein's store.

Explore the ruins of a lost cult by visiting the Yidhra temple in south-east Kasey's Park.

Two mercenaries call Kasey's Park their home. Felix, a Borderwar hero, and Aiko, a cute Asian girl with a large shotgun.

New enemies

All new enemies in existing districts feature small quests or other effects/events.

The scourge of Raven Woods. A group of maddened denaar addicts that have recently been attacking Academy kids and upper-class strollers passing through Raven Woods, located between Crow's End and Whitehaven. Taking them out before the Skyguard does would make you a local hero for sure.

Alder Karate School. A martial arts club in Westside known for their anti-slavery deeds. They've gained quite a reputation these past two years after freeing a group of children from an abusive slave handler in Westside. Skyguard would not mind if their school had a fiery accident, but taking them out will make you unpopular among unbroken slaves.

The mysterious crate. What are those three black guards in Marston Swamps up to? They've been stationed next to a metal crate that supposedly fell out from the skies a couple of weeks ago.

Brian Calloway. A cybernetically enhanced desperado with a bounty on his head. He's on everyone's lips right now after killing two Spheremasters in Crystal Hills. He has an active bounty at Town Hall (Hamilton Square), but you have to search for him yourself.

The Red Tigers. Redhaven, once a relatively peaceful low-class suburb, has recently been afflicted by a new 50-man strong gang of punks, bandits and raiders. They only harass local merchants and pay enough to the Skyguard police forces to be left alone. Taking them out would grant you a massive Influence boost.

Revamped Bondage framework (Version 0.5)

The old Bondage and Whipping systems are no more. I've implemented a much more streamlined and easily modifiable engine that encompasses both whipping sessions and bondage devices. It also enables the varied amount of renders you'll see with the slaves that have their bondage pics finished.

Upgrade and decorate your bondage room at "Manage Home > Bondage Room". Add decorations, buy devices, and more. You still have to go out to Devious tools and buy gags, bondage chairs, and dildos, but larger installations can be purchased directly at the manage screen for your bondage room.

You can now switch between household slaves even if one of them is trapped in bondage.

You'll soon be able to have two girls trapped in bondage at the same time.

Decorate your bondage chamber with art depicting the life of Molly Paine.

This engine will be further expanded upon in the two following 0.7.8 service updates (, and

There will eventually be a classic "spanking over your lap" engine in a future update as well.

The Academy

Reworked the MC's Academy assignments. You can now choose a faculty to belong to, but still teach both Science and Academic classes as long as your corresponding skill is 75 or higher.

New course added! Professor Wolf's Planetary Studies boosts Intelligence, Science, and Academics. It's also a lore heavy course that will reveal many secrets surrounding Ikaanos, Raana, and the pre-severance world.

New special event/quest added to Professor Wolf's Planetary Studies.


Westside Armor Store now offers two additional upgrades for their famous combat armors. You can either buy a chitin-based skin that'll give you a layer of almost impenetrable glue, or use second-grade DuraPlates as boosters.

Armors now have their original max soak displayed in the character sheet, making it easier to keep track of the current condition and when an armor needs repairs.

Fast travel

I've added a fast travel bar to the Home screen. You're now able to travel to Marston Avenue and the Academy with just one click – as long as you've explored Marston Avenue and entered the Academy (in the 0.7.8 version).

More travel locations will be added in future updates.


Added 3 morning blowjob scenes for Lovisa (after cum event – aroused, neutral, disgusted).

Added 1 sex scene for Lovisa (finger in butt during oral sex).

Added 17 Bondage scenes for Lovisa (rack, various equipment).

Added 52 Bondage scenes for Michelle (complete set).

Added 2 acquisition scenes for Piper (at Devious Tools).

Added 6 wardrobe pics for Piper (harness, karada, string).

The Newsroom

Nicole Boulay finally gets some love in this update. Her Newsroom is now a (potential) treasure trove as it will generate income based on a calculation of random numbers and the girl's skills in Academics and Science, as well as her Discipline Attribute. Giving her a fine education and then letting her work as a news reporter can haul in up to $160 per day.  Note! Bandit scourges and the Kymanto-Cyker war will give additional income bonuses. A low Affection/Happiness will negatively affect her income bonus.

Gameplay changes

Revamped the Grandwell House quest (Kymanto Chapter 1). Expanded Mr. Grandwell's mansion, placed more loot, changed bandit/mercenary stats, and added several new pics.

It is now much easier to raise your Copulation value (during normal anal/vaginal sex) if your skill level is low.

Redhaven market now offers large candy boxes that contain 10 chocolate bars and 5 candy bowls each.

The Wealthy trait now provide +$1000 right away and +$15/day instead of a one-time boost of $2500.

Mercenaries have a new Affection value that goes up after every victorious fight. The Affection value will remain even if you temporarily dismiss them.

Mercenaries now have their Skills and Health displayed when you hire and inspect them.

Added an Option to disable (most) NSFW pics – if you ever want to play MoR in an environment that's not porn-friendly. Some pics here and there, like quest pics, might still display NSFW materials, but this button removes all wardrobe, interaction, and household sex scenes from your playthrough.

MC's with a Melee skill or DEXTERITY attribute that's 80 or higher, can now choose to start in the Close Combat position right away, enabling a master melee character to strike his opponent in the first round.

Fleshed out Nicole Boulay's pre-household state (thanks, imagesetal). She'll now be a little happier, smarter, and more affectionate if you allow her to finish the course with professor Hemme before taking her as your household slave.

A Strength value of 110 and above will now give an additional +6 damage bonus to melee weapons/unarmed combat.

Dressing your slaves in Formal Wear (Wrap dress, Loin dress) and taking them out for a dinner date or a visit to the movies will now boost their Happiness and Affection gain.

There's now a 25% chance an obedient slave will join you by her own initiative in the bathroom. This will enable custom dialogue (about 100 lines in total).

Giving a girl "Free time" – aka "The day off", will now restore more stamina and add a minor Health regeneration boost.

Fixed a major bug that allowed slaves inherit clothes states from other slaves when acquiring your second slave.

Fixed a major bug that would transfer a bondage state if you bought a new slave while the other was trapped in bondage.

Fixed a bug that would display wrong choices at the Academy if you talked to Professor Wolf and had an active assignment there.

Fixed a bug that wouldn't let slaves decrease their Pain value naturally (3 points per day).

The Trait "Sweet kisser" will now actually provide a bonus to the MC's Kissing skill.

Fixed some wrongly assigned bonuses for certain starting Traits.

Fixed a bug that wouldn't display dialogue when asking broken slaves about their appreciation for BDSM sex.

Fixed a bug that would apply the wrong stats when choosing the Prime Age during character creation.

Fixed a bug that would let you repeat the Cyberpunk quest in Watery Eyes.

Fixed some wrongly displayed mercenary upkeep costs.

Fixed a missing "watching the stars" pic.

Unfathomable amounts of text tweaks, fixed typos and grammar corrections.

Bug fixes

Fixed a major bug that allowed slaves inherit clothes states from other slaves when acquiring your second slave.

Fixed a major bug that would transfer a bondage state if you bought a new slave while the other was trapped in bondage.

Fixed a bug that would display wrong choices at the Academy if you talked to Professor Wolf and had an active assignment there.

Fixed a bug that wouldn't let slaves decrease their Pain value naturally (3 points per day).

The Trait "Sweet kisser" will now actually provide a bonus to the MC's Kissing skill.

Fixed some wrongly assigned bonuses for certain starting Traits.

Fixed a bug that wouldn't display dialogue when asking broken slaves about their appreciation for BDSM sex.

Fixed a bug that would apply the wrong stats when choosing the Prime Age during character creation.

Fixed a bug that would let you repeat the Cyberpunk quest in Watery Eyes.

Fixed some wrongly displayed mercenary upkeep costs.

Fixed a missing "watching the stars" pic.

Unfathomable amounts of text tweaks, fixed typos and grammar corrections.

Version - January 27, 2022[edit | edit source]

GrimDark now has a SubscribeStar page where you can support, follow, and vote in important polls! Subscription tiers include special quests, high res renders, and more!

Join Masters of Raana on:

Version is save game compatible with older versions. No need to initiate patcher. Just replace everything with the new download and load your old save game.


Added 5 interact scenes for Lovisa (suggesting sex, undress).

Added 4 morning blowjob scenes for Lovisa (single).

Added 5 sex scenes for Lovisa (various oral acts, rough anal sex).

Added 8 new inspect pics for Lovisa (updated body morph, new collars, new clit piercing).

Replaced 4 naked wardrobe pics for Lovisa (updated morph and lightnings).

Added 5 new pics for Piper (wardrobe, armor).

New book

Secret Garden Bookstore now offers a new Manipulation/WILLPOWER book for those who want to get an even better grasp of their ruler techniques. Be sure to grab "Invite yourself" before it sells out!

Gameplay changes

Added 500 lines of dialogue (talking to a slave when using the bathtub together). All slaves will now tell you unique, interesting stories or comments that might reveal information about their backgrounds. This information is intended to be used in conjunction with the future trait system.

Restructured the sell functions in Redhaven market to encompass more materials, armors, and weapons in future updates.

You can now sell your armor at Redhaven market.

You can now sell handheld computers at Redhaven market.

Increased happy and non-Corrupted slaves' Happiness loss when working as prostitutes at Redhaven market.

Tweaked Affection gain from making your slave orgasm. It's now harder to raise Affection from an orgasm event if your slave is "Friendly" or higher.

Added 75 lines of dialogue (when causing a slave to go unconscious during a deepthroat session).

The academy tutor counter now resets at midnight instead of when pressing End Day.

Avoiding sleep for long periods will now deplete Stamina Points and Health faster.

You can now switch between slaves even with one (or both) of them assigned to your party.

Loading a save game with music disabled should now immediately stop the intro music from playing.

Updated the statistics UI when having sexual interactions with slaves.

Updated start and intro buttons.

Large portions of Masters of Raana have been rewritten with better grammar.

Bug fixes

Fixed a bug that wouldn't make you regain Health from a massage session at Divine Juices.

Fixed a bug that would let you place two slaves to work at Walton's Smithery.

Fixed a bug that wouldn't decrease money after bribing the Asians at the laundry (Gunstocks quest).

Fixed a bug that made the theater reverse its opening hours.

Slaves who are unconscious or trapped in bondage can no longer forge new ideas or gain knowledge from reading books.

Fixed a bug that would display wrong recoil parameters when inspecting slaves.

You can no longer double build the statue of Virax after upgrading your bedroom.

Version - January 16, 2022[edit | edit source]

This is a smaller update that adds a couple of gameplay tweaks, rendered sex scenes, and several bug fixes.

No need to patch. Just load your old save and play.

The version should also fix the error issue when loading old Auto saves.


Added 5 sex scenes for Lovisa (Training deep throat + other oral acts).

The importance of sleeping quarters

Choosing sleeping quarters for your slaves now influences their Happiness, Affection, and Stress levels.

Letting a slave, whose Affection toward you is poor, sleep in your bed will now make her more stressed, humiliated, and unhappy.

Letting a depressed slave that's not highly affectionate toward you sleep in the guestroom gives a small Happiness boost.

Refusing a highly affectionate slave to sleep in your bed will lower her Happiness and Affection.

Letting a slave sleep on the floor will lower her Happiness, Willpower and Affection, but also increase her Stress level – unless she's blessed with a high Corruption value.

Gameplay changes

You can now use the Home button from all districts in Greater Slums of Westside. Doing so will move game time one hour forward, to simulate the long walk home.

All girls applied to a stable will automatically lend a pair of riding clothes instead of buying them. She has access to these clothes as long as she's a member of one of Ikaanos' stables.

Slaves who are better physically trained will now receive less stamina loss from acrobatics classes at the Academy.

Renamed the autosave slot from "DreamScape" to "AutoSave".

Bug fixes

Fixed a bug that would let you repeat Nika's holiday dress quest.

Fixed a bug that wouldn't let you search through all floors inside the Cyker Wearhouse (Nika's Holiday dress quest).

Fixed a bug that wouldn't light up the "Daria's Gift" ability properly when you had the correct prerequisites.

Fixed a bug that would pass swallowed semen count between slaves.

Fixed a bug that would transfer a promise to initiate vaginal sex between two slaves.

Fixed a bug that would display an error when initiating oral sex with your slave.

Fixed a bug that would display an error after pressing End day and failing to provide your slave with a promise/treat or similar reward.

Fixed a bug that would drain your slave's stamina as if she was at the Academy when actually taking a day off.

Several text tweaks.

Many typos fixed.

Version 0.7.7 - January 13, 2022[edit | edit source]

This is a major release that adds many new variables to MoR:s engine. Don't forget to press the update button (located under "End day" in your home) if you're loading an older save.

Note that 0.7.7's new mercenary system is not compatible with the old one. All your mercs will be permanently removed once you patch your save to the latest version.

I recommend familiarizing yourself with all that's new, even if it's a rather lengthy read. This goes especially for all you who have older save games.

New adventures

This update makes many core changes to how you can scavenge and explore the city of Ikaanos. Earlier versions had the very limited "Scavenge Stokke Hills" and "Look for trouble" buttons. These two alternatives have now been expanded into several large exploration maps crammed with unique enemies, points of interests, and seedy taverns. The 0.7.7 update introduces two new areas, but 0.7.8 and 0.7.9 will continue mapping the entire Westside slums area and the Crystal Hill regions.

Marston Avenue: New location reachable from Westside Heights (Earlier "Westside district"). Marston Avenue is a gateway into The Great Westside Slums area. Marston Avenue introduces Moe's Sloppy Bar – a simple frontier tavern with a few mercenaries and other random events – including sexy belly-dancers and traveling minstrels that heal your Stamina Points.

Stokke Hills. The famous Stokke Hills is now an interactive map with PoI:s and enemies to engage. Why not raid the infamous drug lair? Why not deal with the deranged youth that scares the few remaining locals? Why not save Juno from her captives (if you've not already done this)? There's also rumors about a feral cultist monk attacking anyone who enters his park.

Places of Interests are now displayed on the map as clickable round icons with a question mark.

Revamped Mercenary system

You no longer hire random mercenaries from your home. You now have to find them at taverns, in warrior halls, at vendors, or out on adventures. Many mercs are also unique and will be permanently removed from the game if they're killed in battle. So, make sure to protect/heal your favorite warriors! Some mercs will have unique interactive options and/or quests tied to them in future versions.

Retainer system. You now hire a merc for a one-time cost, and then pay their upkeep indefinitely. Mercenaries will only be dismissed if you kick them from your team or if they perish in battle. A highly skilled space marine demands 80$ per day, while a rifle savant only requires you to feed him (3$ per day).

You can now also access the "View troop" menu from your home instead of the old follower screen. This menu has also been expanded with dismiss and interact buttons for mercenaries.

Dismissing a unique mercenary will immediately return him to his original place/home.

You can now interact with mercenaries and ask about their background. Some might have unique quests or rumors tied to them. This system will be expanded in future updates.

You can now upgrade a mercenary's armor. The armor will be returned to you (turned into cash) if you dismiss your merc or upgrade from a cheaper armor.

Added "Warrior Hall" to Watery Eyes. Here you can stock up on abled mercenaries and hear interesting rumors.

Added seven unique mercenaries with different background stories.

Added three smaller mercenary armies with a finite number of troops available (swordsmen, riflemen, peasants).

You can find roaming mercenaries on the map as clickable red circles with crossed swords and a white dollar sign.

Enemies and battles

Most enemies that you stumble upon are unique and will be permanently removed after you've defeated them. Many also have certain conditions or rewards. For instance, defeating the rapist tribal warriors in Marston swamps grants you an Influence boost and free beer at the local tavern.

Roaming enemies are now displayed on the map as a red human icon carrying a shield.

Added faction: Dockyard Punks. The Dockyard Punks roam the streets of The Docks and disrupts certain business ventures the player might involve himself in. Paying them off or destroying the faction will remove this unfortunate disturbance.

Over 13 unique enemies added to Stokke Hills, The Docks, Marston Avenue, and Watery Eyes, ranging from a rambling mad man to rogue space marines.

Over 20 new combat sprites added.

Added DuraPlate Combat Armor (for enemies only – purchasable in Crystal Hills after the 0.7.9 release).

You can open a total of two gates with this release (the one where you save Juno, and another from a rumor quest you get at Divine Juices in Watery Eyes.)

There are two handheld computers available at Roo's General Store. The expensive one provides a Field Hacking bonus. Limited offer only!

Bandit scourges

At this release, you're able to clash against two heavily guarded forts occupied by well-armed raiders. One of these teams are currently raiding delivery caravans to southern Ikaanos, which has increased the cost of food. Taking them out will not only end this menacing threat, but also provide you with loot and Influence.

Bandit camps might respawn, however, (1-2%/day) meaning that there's always a chance for a good fight at these locations even if you've cleared the fort already.

But the bandit scourge has angered many factions in Ikaanos. If you don’t fix the problem, Skyguard or one of the great houses might finally step in and end the menace themselves.

The bandit faction

The bandits/raiders in Ikaanos are not very well organized and act independently as several hundreds of different bodies ranging from one lonely raider up to a Bandit kingdom with several thousand active warriors.

They make up a mass of troublesome enemies, however, that the Player might stumble upon during adventures. Killing a bandit/raider will now deplete their total amount of warriors, and keeping the bandits on a controllable level makes scourges less frequent, and Ikaanos a safer place to live in. You're joined by Skyguard in their hunt for raiders, but also face the possibilities of new bandit recruits. Except for the Players own actions, each "End Day" turn will make (sometimes invisible) rolls that subtract/add bandits to the faction depending on Skyguard's strength and current actions.

Business ventures

This update introduces the first business venture possibilities for the MC. A certain crossbow-wielding gang of bootleggers in Stokke Hills might give you an investment chance that provides a trickle of cash. A troubled mercenary company in Watery Eyes is also looking for investors. This income might not seem like much, but involving a criminal slave (Rebecca) in your business will at least double the yield.

Hacking key terminals

You're now able to hack almost every key terminal and other computerized entry systems in the game. Doing so requires that you equip yourself with a handheld computer device.

A terminal can range in difficulty between Class 1 (Standard DOS-H systems) up to Class 5 (Linux Phenom3 encrypted systems). A Class 1 system is doable by almost any person with some Science know-how, while only a select few hackers in Ikaanos could open a Class 5 gate.


Masters of Raana will now autosave each time you land on the "Your Home" passage. The top save slot is reserved for this feature, so it's recommended that you load and re-save old play throughs that you want to keep in different slots, before creating a new character.

Releasing slaves

A new set of experimental parameters will execute if you decide to free your slave, which is now possible through the Talk section. You're able to supply her with food, cash, weapons, and armor, as well as praise and whishing her good fortunes in her new adventures as a free woman. Or you could throw her out on the streets completely naked while scolding her lack of domestic skills.

The slave's attributes/skills, including what you supplied her with, are then saved in a bunch of variables that enable you to find her later in your play through. Little Lovisa might end up inside a raiders den, or Amelia might work as a prostitute at Furry's Tavern. The "finding lost slaves" part is still WIP, but their values will be stored as of this update and used in future versions.

Releasing a slave will clear her slot, enabling you to take in a new servant.

Waiting slaves and MoR's first rendered sex scenes

Slaves you saved during adventures can now be told to wait for you. The player never needs to fear losing the possibility to acquire them.

Added Michelle's basement. Michelle will move to a deplorable basement room and hope for better times if you decide to not let her into your household after saving her from the laundry. You're able to check up on the girl and even upgrade her room to make it less nauseating. She'll eventually become so grateful that she'll offer herself sexually to you, despite her own emotional orientation. This sexual encounter is fully rendered with a vaginal scene and a cum scene.

Added "Juno's park". Juno will take refuge at a nearby park in Stokke Hills and live her days underneath the trees until you come for her rescue. Be cautious on leaving her here for too long. A neighboring cultist monk doesn't like having strangers nearby.

New Art

Added art for slave: Michelle (40 pics).

Added art for slave: Sofia (13 pics).

Added art for slave: Juno (1 pic).

Added 2 sex scenes (Micelle – vaginal/cum scene in her apartment).

Added 3 sex scenes (Sofia – oral sex, various states of arousal).

Other gameplay changes

There's now an active rumor system in Divine Juices that can reveal up to three quests with this release. So, get your socializing and drinking game on if you want to know about the secrets of Watery Eyes!

Slaves walking around naked, in string bikini, or in harnesses will now increase their Humiliation over time. If a slave has a high Corruption (Curiosity) value, or if she's already aroused, exposing her will instead increase her Arousal.

Normalized ecstatic Happiness and Affection. There's now a random cap (8-14) on how much you can raise Happiness and Affection during a 24-hour period.

High levels of Happiness and Affection will now decrease more over time. The MC can no longer just ignore their loving slaves and expect they'll remain affectionate forever. You need cater a genuine relationship.

You can now feed slaves that are trapped in bondage.

Fixed some missing layouts inside the horse-riding section.

Increased damage output for melee weapons if your Melee skill is high enough.

Renamed the ATTRIBUTE "Curiosity" to "Corruption".

Masochistic girls are now able to share their hopes and dreams with you. They need to have a very high Corruption value (80+) to ignore this question.

Daria's gift now applies to all slaves with INT 49 or below.

You'll now get an additional +7 INTELLIGENCE boost by choosing the full Scientist background.

Slaves will no longer ask you for favors in return for sex when there's a risk they'll go to bed directly after the sexual act.

Slightly raised the Gambling yield for choosing the "I've been very lonely" background.

Theatre/Movies will not close until 4 a.m. in the morning.

Bug fixes

Fixed a bug that would transfer a riding stable appointment between two slaves.

Fixed a bug that would transfer "angry states" between two slaves.

Fixed a bug that would reset what a slave should call the player (master, sir, daddy, etc).

Fixed a bug that would display "avIn_callname" instead of a proper variable name.

Fixed a bug that made the stables unable to recognize if a slave wore her riding clothes or not, forcing you to buy a new set.

Fixed a bug that didn't let you receive pay from slaves working at Nika's Clothes.

Fixed a bug that would display "Insufficient funds" when purchasing chocolate from the market.

Fixed a bug that said "you've already encouraged your girls today" when this was in fact not true.

Fixed a bug that displayed a red error while interacting with a depressed/moody slave.

Fixed conversation texts that didn't check the player's age properly.

Many text tweaks, grammar corrections, and typos fixed (ShinCore).


Version - December 27, 2021[edit | edit source]

This is a small bugfix update that's compatible with earlier versions. No need to patch anything. If you've downloaded already, you only need the html-file, which I've also uploaded separately. Just replace your old start_game.html with the new one.

Gameplay changes

Balanced the "improve skills engine" somewhat to avoid strange outcomes after hiring a trainer.

"Riding skill" is now called "Vaginal skill" to avoid confusion if you have a stable-assigned girl.

Bug fixes

Fixed an exploit that would let you raise your Manipulate, Willpower, and Intelligence indefinitely during character creation if you selected a certain childhood path.

Fixed a CSS error that displayed the wrong background when educating your slaves.

Another couple of Linux case sensitive fixes.

Many text tweaks and typos fixed.

Version - December 26, 2021[edit | edit source]

This is a light update with a new image pack (almost 40 renders), some game tweaks/addons, and several bug fixes. It's fully save game compatible with 0.7.6 versions. There's an update button at your home (underneath "End day") to patch the current version number and a few other variables into existing saves.

Gameplay changes

You can now hire personal trainers while trying to improve skills. The trainer increases your chances of successfully raising a skill - for a cost (80$/session).

Walking outside during a storm/rainy weather will now slightly increase your hygiene if you're extremely filthy.

You can now save your game while reviewing your enemies right before a battle.

Girls who asked you to stop a sexual act will no longer scold you for this if they later ended up enjoying themselves.

"Stamina" is now always called "Exhaustion" in slave interaction menus to avoid confusion. A slave's Stamina will never deplete through exhaustive actions. "Stamina" and "Exhaustion" follow the same rules as the player's "Stamina points" and "Stamina".

You can now Inspect a slave that's trapped in bondage.

There's now a small chance (1%) to increase your Strength attribute each time you make a successful hit with a melee weapon - if your Strength is 69 or lower.

You can now view your slave's accessories while inspecting her body.

Over 150 lines of new dialogue added (mostly when approaching a slave that's been trapped in bondage for a while).

Fixed the game clock jumping two days when you Ended the day after 1 am. Now, if you go to bed between 1 am and 7 am, you wake up at 8 am on the same day.

Fixed a bug that decreased your Stamina points to 20 while engaging in shower/bath events with your slave.

Fixed a bug that would display texts where two slaves interacted when one of them was in fact busy with work, school, bondage or had the day off.

Fixed a glitch that would enable you to make practically endless kissing and caressing attempts with your slave in seduction mode.

More Linux tweaks and case sensitive issues resolved.

Some missing texts added.

Many text tweaks and typos fixed.

New art

Added art for slave: Lovisa (+6 pics) – naked dancing/acrobatic/study pics

Added art for slave: Amelia (+4 pics) – study pics

Added art for slave: Piper (+12 pics) – new casual and new undies + inspect

Added art for slave: Juno (+14 pics) – inspect + various pics

Added art for slave: Nichole (+3 pics) – armor pics


Fixed the game clock jumping two days when you Ended the day after 1 am. Now, if you go to bed between 1 am and 7 am, you wake up at 8 am on the same day.

Fixed a bug that decreased your Stamina points to 20 while engaging in shower/bath events with your slave.

Fixed a bug that would display texts where two slaves interacted when one of them was in fact busy with work, school, bondage or had the day off.

Fixed a glitch that would enable you to make practically endless kissing and caressing attempts with your slave in seduction mode.

More Linux tweaks and case sensitive issues resolved.

Some missing texts added.

Many text tweaks and typos fixed.


Version 0.7.6 - December 18, 2021[edit | edit source]


MoR version 0.7.6 introduces many new variables and makes several changes to the core game. If you're planning on continuing with an older save (from the 0.7.5.X versions), you MUST use the in-game patcher before doing anything else. Go to your Home immediately after loading your save and press the "Update to 0.7.6" button. You'll get a confirmation text that the save has been successfully patched.

New slave inventory system

I've retired the old Wardrobe and Follower system (for slaves) and implemented a more detailed interface where you can dress, equip, and armor your slaves properly.

Added perfumes. Perfumes give slaves a Beauty and Charisma bonus. They also have a chance to increase Happiness over time. Perfumes can be bought at Nika's Clothes in Westside. Their effect last for ten days.

Added slave collar. The collar is a wearable attire that has a small chance to decrease WILLPOWER. It's branded with the MC:s insignia, which also makes slave less keen on running away.

Added piercings. A fancy decoration for your slave! Will slightly increase a slave's Market Value at Town Hall/Chrystal Hills auctions.

You now purchase armor for slaves at the Westside Armor store instead of doing so from the follower menu.

Revamped MoR:s available clothing for slaves. Added two sets of formal wear, two "bondage harnesses", and a new type of string bikini.

New vendor: Nika's clothes in Westside district. Nikolai Sidorov is back in business after having been mysteriously gone for the past six months. Nikolai is an old acquaintance of the MC.

New Quest available (through Nika's clothes) that introduces the Russian minority in Ikaanos. The quest will reward the player with a unique dress.

Whitehaven bookstore now sells "Quantum Gates" – a skill book that boosts the reader's Academics, Science, and Intelligence. You can find it under the Academics and Science category.

New Art

At least 50 new slave pictures added.

Several new quest pics.

Rebecca redesigned with new body textures and new clothes.

Added art for slave: Juno (17 pics).

Right now, Lovisa, Rebecca, and Amelia are the only slaves with full wardrobes. The rest are partially complete with placeholders. I intend to finish the other girls in the and updates.

Gameplay changes and additions

There's now a chance that more people will join your card game at Furry's if your Influence is high (300+/600+).

Slaves can now call you by your first and last name (House rules section)

Influence, Respect, and STRENGTH should now weigh a little heavier while dominantly trying to persuade slaves.

Slaves will now slowly increase their Charisma if maintaining a Willpower above 30 and a Happiness value above 40.

Slaves with low anal experience will now gain analxp points when using the dildo stool.

You can now give a slave "the day off" anytime during the day – as long as you issue this while she's not busy with work, studies, activities, bondage, or while she's sleeping.

A slave with WILLPOWER 5 or below will now automatically strip naked or dress up in a bondage attire if you demand this. You can also freely shift between your slave's different bondage attires once you've successfully dressed a reluctant slave in one of them.

Juno, a natural tribalist, will never question a command to take her clothes off.

You can now switch between a 12-hour and 24-hour clock (Options menu). 12-hour clock is set as default.

Added 200 lines of new dialogue (expanded "give treat texts", added first day events/flavor texts, etc)

Tweaked Escape chances. A starving slave will be keener on running away if she's not highly affected toward her master. A slave with Health 15 or below will deem herself too injured to run away. Wearing a collar lowers escape chance.

If you only have one weapon left of any type and this weapon is equipped, you'll not be able to sell that weapon at the market. NOTE! "Sell all" will still sell every piece of that weapon.

You can now view all available slaves in Kymanto Hall even if you have the maximum number (2) or haven't reached the required rank.

You can now assign slaves aged 25 or younger as students at the academy (instead of the earlier 21).

Increased the cost of Kymanto slaves.

Increased the yield of trained/broken in slaves at Town Hall.

You can now heal your Health up to maximum (100) with tendstims.

Bugs and fixes

Fixed a bug that wouldn't advance time when looking for trouble in Westside slums.

Fixed a bug that would let you over-heal mercenaries.

Fixed a bug that wouldn’t allow you to give slaves the day off under certain circumstances.

Fixed some pictures that didn't display properly.

Fixed a bug that wouldn't give you the correct amount of cash when selling a slave to Furry.

You'll now get back all equipped items from a slave when selling her (except perfumes and piercings).

Purchased Candy/chocolate bars now appear in your inventory.

Fixed some padding issues that made text hard to read while using skill books.

More Linux tweaks and case sensitive issues resolved.

Many text tweaks and typos fixed.


Version - December 10, 2021[edit | edit source]

Gameplay changes and addons

Slaves now wake up a little earlier in the morning (around 6:30-7 am).

Increased the tendstim bulk from 5 to 10 units per purchase.

Added art for slave: Piper (9 pics).

Several new slave pics added (Easter eggs and single addons).

Removed the Dexterous starting trait.

Added "Brainy" starting trait (+12 Intelligence, +7 Willpower).

Raised Dexterity gain from the Melee master trait (7>10).

I've begun adding some new buttons and clothing renders here and there as I'm currently working with the upgraded slave inventory system. As the old Wardrobe system is still active in this update, some vendor pics might not correlate with what's displayed on the slave after dressing her with a newly purchased set of clothes.

Bugs and fixes

Fixed several critical bugs that allowed sold, dead, or dispersed slaves to perform morning blowjobs and healing sessions.

Fixed a bug that would let a slave trapped in bondage overnight perform morning blowjobs or healing sessions after you've returned home.

Fixed text positioning of library books.

Fixed so that the cap for entering as a professor at the academy correlates with what's said in the actual text.

Tweaked several misaligned texts/buttons.

Many more Linux tweaks and case sensitive issues resolved.


Version - December 06, 2021[edit | edit source]

Gameplay changes

Early morning blowjobs: slaves will now wake you up at 7 am for a morning blowjob instead of 8 am. This will give you time to shower and head for the academy or assembly plant before a shift starts.

Slave: Lovisa has been remade again to better fit with age and scaling. You'll see a completely new face and body for her in this update. If you liked the 0.7.5 version, you can just copy and replace the contents from "Pics/LovisaOld" to "Pics/Av1".

Bugs and fixes

Fixed a critical stamina bug that would display at certain times if your slaves work as professors/lecturers at the academy.

Made the game (even) more Linux friendly by fixing some case sensitive errors.

Cropped the uncropped placeholder shower pics. The slave stats below should now display correctly.

Fixed some typos and missing variables.


Version 0.7.5 - December 04, 2021[edit | edit source]

New UI

Masters of Raana has been completely redesigned. New features include:


The game is now centered in the browser window.

Larger font size.

Wider city maps with more areas to utilize for future quests/vendors.

You can now use tendstims and eat rations with two easy buttons that are accessible from the UI panel.

Active states and abilities are now displayed next to your character sheet/physical status box. You'll see some of the game's existing abilities/states pop up here during game play. This includes certain anatomical features, gifts from lectures, etc.

Note! All these new features may create clipping issues on smaller screens (15.6" and below). Avoid this by always playing in Fullscreen mode (F11).

Gameplay and other additions

Added three new special starter traits and three new sexual focuses for more character diversity.

Morning blowjobs now have a 25% chance of giving a slave oral experience points.

Added art for slave: Rachel (+6 pics)

Added art for slave: Lovisa (12 pics). Lovisa has been completely redesigned with new facial features and hairstyles.

Added art for slave: Amelia (+4 Pics)

Added art for slave: Averil (+2 Pics)

Slaves now have custom dancing/tutoring pictures. Placeholders make up the majority of these at the moment, but you can spot Rachel, Aweril, and Amelia dancing and performing acrobatics naked if you choose to train them in those subjects.

All slaves should now have their interests showing in the education section.

Over 500 lines of dialogues added.

You can now view the status of your academy assignment in "Manage (Home) > Office" for better vacation planning.

Added a new ability: "All is well". To empathize a more realistic slave-master relationship, you now gain a +15 bonus to all slave persuasion attempts as long as she doesn’t hate you, are depressed, have a Feisty or higher Willpower, or has brooding rebellious feelings.  

Tweaked Happiness, Arousal, and BDSM Curiosity gains from Bondage sex. You'll now need a higher skill and greater variety to raise these values.

Very high Happiness and Affection values (100+) will now decrease much faster.

Added the first pre-severance cybernetic implant. Right now, you can only acquire this implant through a starting trait.

There is no longer a limit to how many times you can shower per day.


Cleaned the economy section – work income, prostitution income, and maintenance costs should now display correctly.

Fixed a critical error that didn't allow you to sell slaves to Furry's tavern.

Fixed missing last names for the new 0.7.0 version slaves.

Fixed displayed div-errors in morning blowjob texts.

Fixed a bug that would mix up texts and options while asking your slave not to swallow an oral ejaculation.

Fixed a bug that wouldn’t let you heal your secondary slave in the Followers menu.

Made the game more Linux friendly by checking case sensitive filenames.

Fixed a bug that would let you execute training and shower events with a slave that's occupied elsewhere.

Fixed a bug that wouldn't display last names properly when educating slaves.

Fixed a bug that would account an ejaculation to the wrong slave if you have two girls waking you up with a blowjob.

Fixed a bug that would display census records while selling a slave at the Town Hall.

Many text tweaks, grammar corrections and typos fixed.

Version - November 28, 2021[edit | edit source]

A small update that fixes the double ejaculation texts, and makes the game a bit more Linux friendly.

Version 0.7 - November 28, 2021[edit | edit source]

The Academy

A new location in Whitehaven with many exciting features. Take courses, apply for work as a professor or assign your slaves either as students, lecturers, or professors in a wide variety of subjects. There are quests, abilities, and slaves hidden within the courses you're able to take at the academy. Be sure to check them out!

Added the first chapter to a new quest line that's related to the Academy.

Added large amounts of Masters of Raana lore that you'll encounter while using the academy.

The Docks

A new district in Ikaanos. In this release, you're able to visit The docks like any other district. Some quests take place here too but there are no vendors or locations accessible right now.

Crow's End

A new district in Ikaanos featuring Cyker Hall, the HQ of House Cyker. Once you've joined up with Kymanto and progressed through their quest line, you'll able to launch stealth attacks against Cyker Hall and slowly deplete their soldiers. (This is still WIP - more features coming in next update).

Crow's End is also home to a couple of new quests that you'll discover when taking courses at The Academy.

Watery Eyes

A new district in Westside slums. The location for Kymanto quest line (Chapter 2).

Added Divine Juices – a seedy tavern for weary, out-of-luck adventurers in Watery Eyes. Features a drinking mini game and private sessions that differ somewhat from Furry's tavern. More features are coming to this location. It's planned as a central hub for many smaller quests that leads out to the Greater Westside Slums (map under construction).

Gameplay changes and other additions

The intro sequence is now 5 seconds shorter.

Added new slave: Nicole Boulay.

Added new slave: Rachel Stapleton.

Added new slave: Sofia Ortega.

Added new slave: Averil Lewis.

Added art for slave: Nicole (8 pics).

Added art for slave: Rachel (3 pics).

Added art for slave: Averil (8 pics).

Added "The library". The library collects certain lore/quest books that you stumble upon during adventures. Access your library from the "Facilities" section while at home. Note that skill books never end up here unless a quest or text specifically says they do.

All districts now have a night map between 8pm and 6am.

The character sheet button, the save button, the options button, the exit button and all map interactions except quest buttons are now highlighted instead of zoomed when hovered over.

Replaced the "Techie" trait with the "Nerd" trait, which gives the player +20 Academics and +20 Science.

You can now buy food rations from Redhaven market.

It now only takes 18 minutes to pass a district instead of the earlier 30.

You can now only engage in two fights per day with the Westside slums "Look for trouble" event.

There are no longer any Happiness and Affection penalties when withdrawing a slave from the stables.

Over 250 lines of custom dialog added.

Bugs, fixes and tweaks

Fixed the missing Town hall picture.

Fixed a bug that would deduct full price when upgrading your Tech module with the technology found in Stokke Hills.

Fixed a bug that would let you target and fire at the same enemy an unlimited number of times while in combat.

Fixed a bug that wouldn't initialize rain sound effects properly.

Fixed a bug that would pass time by half an hour if you viewed your troops while outside.

Fixed a bug that would display an error while suggesting sex in a casual way.

Fixed a bug that would remove a Tired state under certain conditions if you waited through the night.

Fixed a bug that wouldn’t display completed books properly.

Fixed a bug that would continuously lower your Academic, Scientific, and Chemistry skill if you went too long without having sex.

Fixed a bug that would suggest you've already had anal sex when trying to persuade a slave into participate in that type of intercourse.

Fixed a bug that wouldn't add the correct amount of cash when selling .30-06 ammo.

Tweaked Wardrobe rules. A submissive slave will now respond more positively even to normal suggestions regarding undressing/wearing BDSM harness.

Countless minor bugs.

Many text tweaks, grammar corrections and typos fixed.


This update is not save game compatible!


Version 0.6.7 - November 15, 2021[edit | edit source]

New art for slave: Amelia (+3 Pics).

New art for slave: Lovisa (+1 Pic).

Slaves will now help you with injuries/massage if you're automatically transported home after reaching 0 Health or 0 Stamina points.

Increased yield from fishing with 30%.

Fixed a bug that wouldn't lower your WILLPOWER correctly when going depressed during Assembly work.

Fixed a bug that wouldn’t display the correct amount of income if you sell/remove a slave  that's assigned to Redhaven market.

Fixed a bug that would let you shift between slaves and automatically apply a bondage state to the other slave.

Fixed a bug that would display two different Sexual craving states.

Fixed a bug that would let you use weapons that shouldn't be in your inventory during special quest events.

Fixed a bug that wouldn't allow Humiliation to go above 10.

Many grammar fixes/typos corrected.

Balancing tweaks:

-Decreased bonus when training slaves who love you.

-A slave's WILLPOWER will never go below -15.

-Certain Bondage acts are harder to succeed in if the partner isn't aroused enough or doesn’t like you enough.

-Certain Bondage acts now slowly deplete a slave's Stamina and Health.

-Made it slightly harder to increase your skills, but also added a bonus if your WILLPOWER is high enough.

NOTE! This version is not save game compatible with earlier versions!

Version 0.6.6 - November 11, 2021[edit | edit source]

Added a completely new system for managing slaves. The bulky "Slave manage" interaction screen is no more. You're now able to change your active slave and add both slaves as your followers directly from the home screen.

The "Manage followers" interaction screen still works and will remain in game until the new inventory system is released (featured in the 0.7 update).

Added more official art for slave: Lovisa (+6 pics).

Added official art for slave: Amelia (7 pics).

Your slaves will no longer leave your party and go to sleep after midnight if you're outside your home.

Injured slaves will now receive a penalty while performing maid duties (Health 10 or less).

Over 200 lines of custom dialogues added.

Exiting Hamilton Square's Town hall will no longer restart the game's music.

New sounds for quest: Magic Mushrooms. Some of the quest's texts were also reworked.

Fixed a bug that would drain your Stamina points instead of boosting them after taking a bath.

Many text tweaks.

VERSION 0.6.5 (Alpha) - November 09, 2021[edit | edit source]

Added an engine that'll make slaves take initiative to interact with the player. At this release, a slave can:

Offer Morning blowjobs.

Offer massage if you're feeling tired (low on Stamina Points).

Offer healing if you're severely injured (Health 70 or lower - outcome based on Science skill).

Morning blowjobs is an advanced interaction that'll present you with not only new art (more coming soon) and texts (20k words), but also a way to increase your willpower and decrease a slave's discontent toward you. It's also the first scene where you can engage sexually with two slaves simultaneously.

Note that this engine is still pretty basic. More pictures, texts, options, and situations will be added in future updates.

Added a "good start" variable that'll activate if your slaves perform something pleasant during morning blowjobs or other events. This will give you a small bonus to everything you undertake for a limited period of time.

Added official art for slave: Rebecca (10+ pics). All her wardrobe sets are now in the game, as well as some hidden renders.

Added official art for slave: Lovisa (4 pics).

Added a new quest that you'll be able to pick up at Furrys tavern.

Added clothing items "formal wear" and "string bikini" to Roo's General Store. Roo's handling Nika's Clothes' warehouse for now, until they reopen (0.7 release).

You can now inspect a slave's physical features at Kymanto Hall before buying her. Performing this act will display a different render.

(Almost) every skill roll in the game will now display their corresponding skill and how good or bad that attempt was executed.

Escape risk decreased for slaves who are "Broken".

Added two new enemy types when looking for trouble in Westside slums (band of swordsmen and a cultist monk).

Replaced the "Weapon Master" ability with "Melee Master" – which will benefit a melee combat build better.

You can now sell ammunition at Redhaven Market.

Prices for buying crossbow bolts, 9mm, and 30.06 ammunition have slightly increased.

A new character now starts the game with 1000$.

The Wealthy trait will provide you with an additional 500$.

Abbot Roo now offers tendstims in bulk (5 pcs) at a discount price.

Over 1000 lines of new, custom dialogue added.

Younger slaves will now degrade a very high Happiness value (90+) somewhat faster than those aged 20 or older.

Fixed a bug that would transfer a promise to initiate oral/vaginal sex between slaves.

Fixed a bug that would not let you return Michelle to Old Cooney.

Fixed a bug that would gray out the interacting button for your slaves.

Fixed a bug that wouldn't remove destroyed armors from your inventory.

Countless grammar fixes, typos, and text tweaks.

Version - November 01, 2021[edit | edit source]

Fixed a bug that would crash the game if you caught your slaves talking about The Maiden Islands.

Fixed a bug that would display a slave's curiosity for bondage sex with a loose "</div>".

Fixed a bug that wouldn't let texts display properly under certain conditions while educating your slaves.

A slave's "Affection" toward you added to her character sheet.

You can now go back and redo your background skill tree without having to restart the game.

Reworked some bondage texts that were poorly written.

Reworked and expanded some texts related to bathroom scenes.

Added an additional picture for slave: Amelia.

Added an additional picture for slave: Rebecca.

Added two new pictures for bathroom scenes.

Updated picture for slave: Piper.

Updated pictures for certain quests.

The game is now actually called "Masters of Raana" on the browser's tab.

You can now add a custom name for saved games.

Added more custom dialogues to slaves.

Many text tweaks, grammar corrections and typos fixed.

Version - October 30, 2021[edit | edit source]

Fixed a bug that didn't let you fetch Piper Holdman from Devious Tools.

Reworked and expanded text when interacting with Devious Tools.

Added art for slave Piper Holdman.

Version 0.6.4 - October 30, 2021[edit | edit source]

Changing weapons while in combat is now a lot fancier.

Rebuilt the "Armed peasant" mercenary.

You and your followers now auto target an enemy if it's the only one left alive.

Using a whipstick in combat will now execute the correct sound effect.

Fixed a bug that wouldn't let you and your follower's Ranged and Melee skills increase after a Critical hit.

It will now be more obvious which skill a specific skill roll refers to (25% done).

Added two new random "End day" events.

Selecting the full Criminal Tree during Character creation will now give you higher yield when selling merchandise and block you from joining the Skyguard army.

Fixed a bug that would auto resolve promised treats to a slave.

Fixed a bug that would display two different texts during penetration in sex scenes.

Many smaller tweaks, grammar fixes, and flavor texts added.

Version - October 29, 2021[edit | edit source]

Fixed a bug that transported you between quests (Shrouded House -- A Thousand Guns).

Version - October 28, 2021[edit | edit source]

Added character pictures for Kymanto quests.

Interaction bug and issues fixed in "gift engine".

Added missing background in Character Sheet.