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Overview[edit | edit source]

A major feature of Masters of Raana is that this game can be played over many years of gameplay. And within it, you can have children - potentially lots of them! Children are NPCs that can be added to The Player's Household.

Creating children[edit | edit source]

To start the process of making children, the player first needs to disable the Totalube() option for female NPCs, which is accessible through the Houserules option of each NPC's Menu. After that, the player would have to engage in intercourse with the female NPC of his choice and climax inside her (vaginal only!). Following that, the player would have to click the "Conclude Day" button for the game to calculate the chance of the female NPC being pregnant. This can be increased by:

  • Having intercourse multiple times with the same female NPC, selecting "Massive Load" in the Traits page in the Character Creation menu helps speed up this process.
  • The female NPC that the player had intercourse with is below 21.

However, the chance of the female NPC being pregnant will decrease if she is above 21 years old.

The player will know whether the female NPC that he had intercourse with is pregnant or not through a notification after clicking on the "Conclude Day" button and by clicking on that female NPC and then going to the Examination page.

The player can also influence the proportion of male versus female children produced through the "Offspring" toggle under the Household section of Page 2 of general Game Options (75% girls, 75% boys, or equal).

Fertility[edit | edit source]

Through access to advanced medical technology brought to Ikaanos from Earth, the player can also increase the rate of pregnancies - controlled through the "Pregnancies" setting in the Household section of Page 2 of General Game Options.

Pregnant stage[edit | edit source]

When the female NPC that the player had intercourse with becomes pregnant, she gains roughly 5-35 kg (10-55 lbs), with most female NPCs ending up with around 10-12 kg extra weight. The norm for female NPCs with the Sweet Tooth trait is probably double that. All this can be avoided by lowering the female NPCs' ration level to the lowest - if the player is willing to take the Affection and Happiness drop. A pregnant female NPC set on a restricted diet suffers no losses if her Discipline is 70+, however.

Infant stage[edit | edit source]

After the child is born, they will be brought into the Nursery in your mansion, where they will be taken care of by Nannies assigned by the player. There is currently room for 18 children here. The player can choose to be a caring father by either: playing with his child, teaching them academically, or combat-wise.

Ageing[edit | edit source]

Again thanks to advanced medical technology, the player can also speed up the rate of aging in the nursery - again controlled through a setting in the Household section of Page 2 of general Game Options.

Processing[edit | edit source]

When the child reaches the right age, the player can process and add them into his household. The child can be interacted with in a similar manner as how the player interacts with NPCs, however, he can't assign them to be prostitutes, for obvious reasons.

Jobs[edit | edit source]

When the child is old enough, the player can send them out, depending on how the player raised them. The child can either be a good person who will contribute positively to the development of Ikaanos, granting the player daily cash and influence or they will be a bad person who will harm Ikaanos' development, which will grant the play negative influence gain and no money.