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In Masters of Raana, you take the role of a male protagonist that's recently inherited a large house from his disappeared brother. That makes you one of the lucky ones. The world of Raana is harsh and unforgiving, where might and influence determine who you are and how the future will remember you.

And the future is truly yours. Masters of Raana is an open-world with endless possibilities. There are no guiding hands or set goals and there is no end except when you choose to quit. Your background is also highly customizable during the character creation progress and your choices there affect how the inhabitants of Ikaanos perceive and remember you.

Masters of Raana features an advanced old-school skill system. There are no levels - you get better at the skills you actually use, and you can further tune your character's focus with skill books, personal trainers, and by taking courses at the academy.

Attributes[edit | edit source]

Attributes are five defining statistics that represent the core of a character, and they have a significant impact on many of the things you undertake in Masters of Raana. Each Skill is dependent on an attribute, and in some cases, attributes give a small boost to every skill check you undertake during gameplay. Basic actions such as breaking down a door (Strength), jumping or climbing (Dexterity), or enduring a sexual orgy (Stamina) are all determined solely by an attribute check, whereas more advanced actions such as gambling, hacking computers, or firing a weapon are determined by a skill check.

Strength[edit | edit source]

Strength is a metric that indicates your physical prowess and muscular build. The ATTRIBUTE is mostly used to modify the damage dealt in melee combat. Additionally, you employ Strength to break through barriers and improve the efficiency of heavier weaponry. Maintaining a trim body is critical if you want to get laid. A high Strength value provides a small bonus when seducing the opposite sex.

  • A Strength score of less than 40 represents a typical Ikaanos individual. You will have difficulty performing relatively simple strength-based jobs and should avoid anybody who is trained or naturally skilled.
  • A Strength score of 40 to 75 indicates that the individual has begun to work on honing their physique. You can easily overcome average individuals, but will face a challenge from those who have invested their own effort.
  • A Strength score of between 74 and 99 indicates a well-trained body in an aspiring warrior. However, there are further extremes, particularly for individuals who have embraced cybernetics.
  • A Strength score of 100 or above indicates a body that is operating at the extreme limits of human performance.

Increase Strength:

  • By performing an at-home workout.
  • By means of critical success rolls (ie, working a physically demanding job, story events, etc).
  • Through the use of melee weapons in combat.

Strength can be negatively affected by:

  • Injuries
  • Aging

Stamina and Stamina Points[edit | edit source]

Stamina has an effect on the amount of damage you take in combat. Additionally, it impacts how quickly you heal from injuries, how rapidly you replenish Stamina Points, and how athletic you are when it comes to sustaining prolonged sessions of sexual activity. Lastly, this ATTRIBUTE has a minor influence on the result of physical training sessions.

  • A Stamina score of less than 40 indicates a typical Ikaanos individual. You may be capable of outrunning a pig. Maybe.
  • A Stamina score of 40 to 74 indicates that the individual has begun to work on honing their physique. You'll be able to return home after a hard day's work and still perform strenuous activities.
  • A Stamina rating of 79 to 99 indicates an inexhaustible warrior with a well-trained body. Individuals that attempt to flee you will eventually succumb to exhaustion, unless they are one of the rare elites or possess cybernetics.
  • A Stamina score of 100 or more indicates that the body is operating at the extreme limits of the human body.

Increase Stamina:

  • By performing a home workout.
  • Through prolonged sessions of sexual interaction.

Stamina can be negatively affected by:

  • Injuries
  • Aging

NOTE: While Stamina Points (Stamina pool) are not technically an ATTRIBUTE or Skill, they are a critical metric to monitor. Each complex action, such as trekking through a thunderstorm, hunting in the woods, engaging in sexual activity, or working at a chemical processing factory, depletes your Stamina Point pool. When all of your Stamina Points are depleted, you become exhausted and must immediately rest. A restful night's sleep restores the majority of your Stamina Points and prepares you for another day of activity.

Increase Stamina Points:

  • A good night's rest.
  • Taking a shower (additional bonuses for showering with your slave).
  • Getting a massage (either from slaves or prostitutes).
  • Varied relaxing and enjoyable activities.

Stamina Points are negatively affected by:

  • Most activities that require effort on your part.

Dexterity[edit | edit source]

Dexterity is what defines your overall acrobatic abilities - such as scaling walls, racing through minefields, or fleeing from an adversary. The attribute is primarily used in battle, where a Dodge roll checks your Dexterity when someone tries to hit you with a melee weapon.

  • A Dexterity score of less than 40 represents a typical Ikaanos individual. You can easily be caught and should attempt to avoid such situations.
  • A Dexterity score of 40 to 74 indicates that the individual has begun to work on honing their physical abilities. If you pay attention and have a little bit of luck, you can evade enemy attacks.
  • A Dexterity score of 75 to 99 reflects an agile fighter with a well-trained body. Even when wearing armor, you can be extremely difficult to hit. Nevertheless, a few masters and numerous cybernetics are still capable of hitting you.
  • A Dexterity score of 100 or above indicates a body that is operating at the very top of its capabilities.

Increase Dexterity

  • By performing a workout at home.
  • Through critical success rolls.

Dexterity can be negatively affected by

  • Injuries
  • Aging

Intelligence[edit | edit source]

Intelligence is what defines a character's concentration, intellect, and sharpness of mind. This ATTRIBUTE provides a significant advantage while attempting to educate one of your slaves or extract skill points from a book.

A high Intelligence value will also assist you in manipulating other characters.

Increase Intelligence:

  • By enrolling in classes at the Academy.
  • By instructing students at the Academy.
  • Through critical success rolls.
  • Through the SpaceBall event (Arrange Event > ENSYS night) - 20% chance to increase INT up to a maximum of 70.
  • By reading skillbooks pertaining to academic/intellectual subjects.
  • By completing an RPG campaign (Arrange Event > RPG night).
  • By completing Ayden's RPG campaign.

Intelligence can be negatively affected by:

  • Specific injuries

Willpower[edit | edit source]

Willpower is a measure for your sense of self-esteem, honor, and mental wellness. It amplifies your attempts at manipulation, seduction, and persuasion while engaging with other characters. Additionally, it is a beneficial ATTRIBUTE when gambling or carousing in a tavern.

Increase Willpower:

  • By teaching at the Academy and resolving events with students.
  • Through random events.
  • By reading books pertaining to personal communication (like from "Shelves of Domination" at the Bookstore).

Willpower can be negatively affected by:

  • Random events
  • Assembly work