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Titles are household assignments that you bestow upon trusted slaves. A title brings great responsibility, but also a chance for a slave to use her skills to the benefit of her Master's household.

Head maid[edit | edit source]

Probably the most revered title of all. A head maid has responsibility over all other slaves, manages the household's economy and eases many of the burdens from her Master.

Benefits[edit | edit source]

  • If Domestic skill is above 60: -$3 Maintenance/day.
  • If Head maid has Workaholic trait: +4 Influence/day.
  • If Discipline is 60 or higher: +1 Discipline raise chance/day (15%) for slaves with Discipline below 50, and increase household Efficiency score.

Risks[edit | edit source]

  • If Domestic skill is below 20 or Intelligence is below 30: +$5 Maintenance/day.
  • If Head maid has Malevolent trait: -1 Happiness loss risk (15%) for slaves with Willpower below 59, and increase household Depravity score.

Pantry girl[edit | edit source]

The Pantry Girl has responsibility for buying groceries, and often lead a team of other girls (if available) in the kitchen. She works with the Head Chef if there is one, or fills that role herself if not.

Benefits[edit | edit source]

  • If Domestic skill is above 80: Slaves eat 1R less/day (minimum 1).
  • If Domestic skill is above 60: Seasoning/food luxuries costs 50% less.
  • If Domestic skill is above 50: +15 success chance during dinner parties, IF slave is assigned as a servant.

Risks[edit | edit source]

  • If Domestic skill is below 20: Pantry girl spoils one extra Ration per day.
  • If Domestic skill is below 20 and Intelligence is below 30: Small risk of food poisoning (5%/day).

Quartermistress[edit | edit source]

A quatermistress is the Master's Aide-de-camp. She's often a seasoned warrior that helps her patron in combat and with other combat-related chores.

Benefits[edit | edit source]

  • If Ranged or Melee skill is above 80: MC receives a +10 hit chance in combat, if slave is appointed as follower, is conscious and has a Neutral or higher Affection.
  • If Medicine skill is above 40: MC heals an additional 5 Health points per day, if slave is conscious and has a Neutral or higher Affection.
  • If Science skill is above 50 and Anvil is installed: All MC's NON-UPGRADED armors regenerate one Soak point per day.
  • If Science skill is above 80 and Anvil is installed: All MC's armors regenerate one Soak point per day.

Risks[edit | edit source]

  • If Ranged and Melee skill is below 20: MC receives a -10 hit chance in combat, if slave is appointed as follower and is conscious.
  • If Intelligence is below 30: All enemies have a +10 bonus to hit the Quartermistress during combat.

Nanny[edit | edit source]

A nanny's main occupation is to see to and care for her Master's Children – their needs and their education.

Benefits[edit | edit source]

  • Daily: a chance to improve your child's skills in various ways - but severely reduced if nanny's Intelligence is below 40.
  • If assigned to a household without children below the age of ten: A small chance to increase your wife's Happiness, daily.

Risks[edit | edit source]

  • None.

Floor Crawler[edit | edit source]

Floor crawlers are the lowest form of slaves in Ikaanos – tasked to clean and satisfy all other members in a household. A slave must have either a Corruption above 39 or a Willpower below 25 if you want to appoint them as a Floor crawler. A Floor crawler's willingness and skill is determined by their Corruption value. There's no limit to how many active Floor crawlers you can have in your household. Two or more Floor crawlers will take advantage of each other if their Corruption is 40+. Having more than one Floor crawler distributes sexual wear among the assigned girls. Assigning a Floor crawler comes with risks that depend on the numbers of other slaves and NPCs under your command. Too many NPCs and actively participating slaves decrease Health and Sexual wear faster than what the Floor crawler's body is able to naturally regenerate.

Benefits[edit | edit source]

  • Daily: Actively participating NPCs have a chance to increase their Happiness and Affection toward you, based on the Floor crawler's skill and devotion.

Risks[edit | edit source]

Head Chef[edit | edit source]

While pantry girls and maids can keep you and your personnel properly fed, assigning a skilled Chef will add satisfaction to the household, and can add prominence and a unique and distinctive atmosphere. It's a title that carries great responsibility - make sure to give it to an NPC you can trust.

The level of success depends on the person's Chef skill, which is further enhanced by working together with an experienced pantry girl (Domestic 60+), and having at least one maid per every ten household members (fewer may lead to Happiness and Flair penalties).

Flair is generated by the cooperation between your Pantry girl and the Head Chef. This household attribute is used during parties, while also acting as an Influence generator (Assignments) based on the level of Luxury (Relish and Drinks).

If the Head Chef is assigned to another day job, except as a follower, their effect is decreased by 50%.

Chef effects are only active on NPCs with Normal or higher Food settings (NPC Menu > Actions). These effects are also heavily dependent on your level of Luxury, which can be set in the Economy and Influence menu.

Benefits[edit | edit source]

  • Significant daily chance of an increase in Happiness for everyone in your household.
  • Potential increased success of Meals and Parties
  • Potential Influence benefits.

Risks[edit | edit source]

  • Insufficiently qualified Chefs may harm Happiness, Influence and Event Success rather than help these.

Nurse[edit | edit source]

A nurse will heal you and your personnel's Health, based on their Discipline and Medicine skill - and also boost Happiness, if it is low. You can have any number of Nurses (male as well as female) - but someone needs Medicine 25+ to qualify. A nurse caters to all injured occupants in your household, prioritizing the Master first.

A nurse's Medicine skill determines the amount of Health points each of their patients recovers each day. This is roughly 1+(Medicine skill)/10. So for example +4/person at Medic 30, +5/person at skill 40 and +6/person at Medic skill 50.

The number of patients a nurse can treat each day is determined by their Discipline. This is Roughly 1 person per 10 points of Discipline, rounded up. But if the Nurse is assigned to another day job, except as a follower, the number of patients they can attend to is decreased 50%.

A nurse with Kindness 40+ or the Pure Trait will also increase an NPC's Happiness +2 points per day if that Happiness is below 30.

The nurse also reduces all types of Sexual Wear 20 points per type if that type is 20+, if you have enough Ointments in your inventory.

Benefits[edit | edit source]

  • Daily: Heal a number of Health Points of a number of injured or sick household members (quantities depending on Medicine and Discipline skills respectively).
  • Daily: Increase Happiness for people for whom it is below 30 (if Nurse has Kindness 40+ or the Pure trait.).
  • Daily: Treat Sexual Wear (ointments permitting).

Costs[edit | edit source]

  • A healing action costs $5/NPC (for sterile wash, bandages and other equipment).
  • Ointments, if healing Sexual Wear.

Risks[edit | edit source]

  • None.