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In Masters of Raana, the player can run his own pimp empire by assigning adult NPCs as gold walkers and run "Prostitution ring" sessions.

There are three available options for an NPC:

  • Gold walker: A gold walker is a common prostitute that works from your household just like any other assignment. The NPC returns home around 4.30 p.m. with whatever gold he or she has managed to acquire during the day.
  • Tavern/whorehouse: Another prostitute assignment that deploys your NPC to a built tavern. You can upgrade a tavern's "upper floor" to unlock up to ten whorehouse job slots.
  • The Ring: Assigns an NPC to your prostitution ring. This option is available for females only and includes a more detailed event flow.

Pimping through the ring option is done manually and never occupies an NPCs daily chores. You're also free to choose which days you want to pimp and when you want to allow your NPCs some rest. There are many situations that can affect your success (and number of customers): weather, bandit scourges, famines, etc.

Step 1: Assignment[edit | edit source]

In order to work as a successful pimp, you must be able to deploy a stable of obedient (or corrupted) NPCs. You can manage your NPCs assignments and look at its Willingness stats in the NPC Menu > Prostitution section. Assigning an NPC to the ring will not affect her attributes, Affection or occupy any of her time as long you don't start a session through the Prostitution ring menu (Facilities > Prostitution Ring).

A female NPC will only agree to work as a prostitute if:

  • She has the Nymphomaniac Trait.
  • Her Corruption is 50+ (No Affection loss).
  • Her Willpower is below 20.

A male NPC will only agree to work as a prostitute if:

  • His Corruption is 80+.
  • and his Willpower is 4 or less.

Blowjobs[edit | edit source]

  • Negatives: Oral wear
  • Affection loss: Medium
  • Base payment: $15/customer
  • Traits/skills for increased $: Oral skill, Fear

Fuckjobs[edit | edit source]

  • Negatives: Oral wear, vaginal wear, anal wear
  • Affection loss: High
  • Base payment: $25/customer
  • Traits/skills for increased $: Oral skill, Vaginal skill, Fear

Escorts[edit | edit source]

Escorts are luxury gold walkers that only take on wealthy clients. Your NPC must have a prostitution fame of 40+ if you want to assign him or her as an Escort. If you are a high-ranking member of society (Influence 5,000+) it's enough if your NPC has a fame score of 20 or higher.

  • Negatives: Oral wear, vaginal wear, anal wear
  • Affection loss: Medium
  • Base payment: $40/customer
  • Traits/skills for increased $: Oral skill, Vaginal skill, Charisma, Beauty

Reading willingness[edit | edit source]

An NPC's Willingness to work as a hooker affects tips, incomes, risks, possible affection loss and other factors.

Unfit for service[edit | edit source]

An assigned prostitute will be temporarily removed (not unassigned) from his or her service if:

  • The NPC is unconscious.
  • The NPC's oral, anal or vaginal wear is 100% or higher.
  • The NPC has less than 10 health.

Step 2: Begin session (RING ASSIGNMENTS ONLY!)[edit | edit source]

((Home > Facilities > Prostitution Ring.))

You're able to assign guards, pay gangs, hold back Skyguard patrols, rent apartments, give out fliers/marketing material and choose which part of Ikaanos you want your girls to work.

The combinations are almost endless and can be tailored to your specific play style. You want to risk gangs raping your girls? You feel that the $200 bribe to Skyguard is too much and that it's better to risk a crackdown? The choice is yours.

All these choices affect four vital numbers:

  • Rape risk: If rolled, one of the customers get a little too rough and will deplete your girls wear, Health and Happiness/Affection.
  • Kidnap risk: If rolled, your girl will be snatched away by raiders or depraved Spheremasters and spend a night as their fuck-toy. Severe wear penalites, lost Health, lowered Willpower and a trashed Affection/Happiness. Fortunately, these events are rare - and almost nullified as long as you choose to stay away from the slums and hire some decent guards.
  • Robbery risk: If rolled, the current girl will lose all incomes (not tips) from her last session.
  • Crackdown risk: While prostitution is technically illegal, it's a completely accepted phenomenon in all parts of society. The skyguard is highly aware of this fact, however, and might exercise the old law of 2044 to anyone who hasn't bribed the local office. Pimping your girls in finer districts will make the Skyguard fee higher. Facing a crackdown means that all your invested money for that night is lost and that you're barred from pimping your girls until the next day.
  • Income boost: An estimated boost to all your incomes based on location, marketing and other factors. Note that your girls' oral skills, willingness charisma beauty and fame might either negatively or positively affect this number dynamically during the night.

Tips[edit | edit source]

Tips are randomly given based on events, but certain characters have a small chance of executing unique happenings that bring in extra cash. Generally, teenage prostitutes also have a less higher (5-10%) chance of generating tips.

Escorts are also more prone to receive tips, compared to girls doing fuckjobs and blowjobs.

Step 3: Aftermath[edit | edit source]

Encourage[edit | edit source]

A successful Encourage attempt (Good job!) restores up to 3 lost Happiness points.

Scold[edit | edit source]

A successful Scolding attempt (Improve) has a chance to raise Fear, which in return raises the chance of girls scoring more customers during their next run.

Give tips[edit | edit source]

  • Giving all tips has a chance to raise Happiness, based on the amount of total tips received.
  • Giving crumbs has a 5% chance to raise Happiness.
  • Note that jaded girls never receive Happiness bonuses from tips.

Goldwalking assignment[edit | edit source]

It works like any other assignment, with pay that depends on the goldwalkers skills, stats and assignment setings.

Blowjobs[edit | edit source]

  • Base payment: $30/day
  • Negatives: Oral wear

Fuckjobs[edit | edit source]

  • Base payment: $40/day
  • Negatives: Oral wear, vaginal wear, (anal wear (only men…))

Escorts[edit | edit source]

  • Base payment: $60/day
  • Negatives: Oral wear, vaginal wear, (anal wear (only men…))

$$$Income boost factors[edit | edit source]

  • 60+ Charisma: +10/day
  • 60+ Affection: +10/day
  • 60+ Oral skill: +10/day
  • 40+ Corruption: +10/day
  • 80+ Corruption: +20/day
  • IF the assigned goldwalker is considered family, then divide your
    power value by 4 and add that to the total daily money gain.

Misc[edit | edit source]

  • This assignment has a 50% chance to increases prostitution fame by 1 point each day.
  • If you assign Loren, Enya or Laika as a goldwalker and then visit Dockgrave Tavern
    you may get a scene with them working there and servicing you.

IF you set "allowed actions" to "none" your prostitute will do nothing.