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After purchasing an external slot (there are two available slots in Redhaven) the player can choose to build a Tavern in either location. The Tavern is an advanced investment and upgrade facility with roughly the same functions as a workshop.

Assignments[edit | edit source]

Tavern assignments become available once the basic structure has been erected. These assignments are located at Page IV in the Jobs & Titles pane (NPC Menu). You can assign up to ten workers and one barkeeper to each tavern. Note that a tavern goes into active mode after you've assigned a barkeeper - whose skills and attributes are vital to the success of your new public establishment.

A worker is automatically assigned to one of these five tasks, based on the highest score combination:

  • Waiter/Waitress: Serving personnel. Score calculation is (Charisma+Domestic)/2.
  • Bus boy/girl: Kitchen personnel. Score calculation is (Strength+Domestic)/2.
    • Adds only 50% of his or her score to the tavern's daily success roll.
    • A Busser score of 40+ removes 1 Chaos point. A Bouncer score of 60+ removes an additional 2 Chaos points.
  • Bouncer: Muscle. Score calculation is (Strength+Melee)/2.
    • A Bouncer score of 40+ removes 2 Chaos points. A Bouncer score of 60+ removes an additional 3 Chaos points.
    • Adds only 50% of his or her score to the tavern's daily success roll.
  • Host/Hostess: A glorified waiter/waitress. Score calculation is (Charisma+Administration)/2.
    • A Host score of 60+ removes 1 Chaos point.
  • Performer: Dancers, singers and comedians. Score calculation is (Charisma+Performance)/2.
    • A Performer adds +1 Chaos point. They also add +5 to the tavern's daily score roll. Performers with a Performance skill of 80+ add another +5 bonus to the daily score roll.

All assigned workers also have a daily chance (12%) to increase their task-related skill (cap: 80).

Barkeeper[edit | edit source]

The barkeeper's score is determined by his Charisma, INTELLIGENCE and Extroverted trait /3. There are also a number of other score enhancing factors:

  • Certain story NPCs receive a character boost (+35) to their score (Doyle, Ansel, and Clea when she arrives).
  • Age 30+: +15.
  • Age 50+: +15.
  • Fame 50+ (battles and adventures): +5.
  • Fame 150+ (battles and adventures): +5.
  • Fame 500+ (battles and adventures): +15.

Gold walkers[edit | edit source]

You can assign any number of gold walkers to your Taverns through the Prostitution menu. There are no specific walker locations - if you have two taverns, any assigned gold walker will shift between both establishments automatically, but only add half of his or her score to either tavern. If you have one tavern and two tavern-assigned walkers, you'll need four walkers to get the same bonus if you erect a second tavern.

A gold walker's score is calculated by Charisma, Beauty, Oral skill and Vaginal skill /4.

  • Extroverted trait: +10.
  • Age below 26: +10.

Reputation[edit | edit source]

Succeeding as a tavern owner is all about Reputation. The Reputation score ranges from 0 to 1,000 and is the dominating factor in determining your daily revenue.

How to increase Reputation[edit | edit source]

Increasing Reputation is done through the tavern's daily Score roll. Boost your chances of succeeding with that roll by:

  • Appointing a good barkeeper.
  • Enabling Gambling.
  • Providing a likeable group of walkers.
  • Keeping a good assignment spread.
  • Executing successful Carouse rolls (MC action at a tavern's location).

How to decrease Reputation[edit | edit source]

  • By failing a Chaos roll.
  • By increasing Chaos.
  • Other events and/or quests.

The daily Score roll[edit | edit source]

At the Conclude Day event, each tavern checks its Score with 1D110. A successful roll increases Reputation by a random number (1-30). A failed roll doesn't affect Reputation.

Chaos[edit | edit source]

At the same Conclude Day event, each tavern also checks against its Chaos with 1D100. A "failed" roll removes a random amount of Reputation (1-20).

The Chaos factor is increased by:

  • Gambling.
  • Gold walkers (Whoring).
  • Performer assignments.
  • City Control 19 or less: +5 Chaos points.
  • City Control 4 or less: +15 Chaos points.

The Chaos factor is decreased by:

  • Bouncers: Bouncer score 40+ removes 2 Chaos points. A Bouncer score of 60+ removes an additional 3 Chaos points.
  • Bussers: Busser score 40+ removes 1 Chaos points. A Busser score of 60+ removes an additional 2 Chaos points.
  • Guard pool 20+: -1 Chaos points.
  • Guard pool 40+: -2 Chaos points.
  • Guard pool 50+: -3 Chaos points.
  • City Control 75+: -5 Chaos points.
  • City Control 90+: -10 Chaos points.
  • If the MC's Power Value is 10+, Chaos is reduced by 10% of that value. A Power Value of 80 removes 8 Chaos points, etc.