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A variety of items can be installed to improve the capabilities of your household.

A household loom
A household loom

Loom[edit | edit source]

A simple loom for making textiles. Requires some knowledge to use, and use speeds up with practice.

  • Enables: cloth refinement
  • Enables: textile production
  • Enables: Crafting (clothes)
  • Required skill: Artisan
  • Cost to buy: $900
An anvil and sledgehammer, part of a smithery
An anvil and sledgehammer, part of a smithery

Smithery[edit | edit source]

All the tools required to manufacture and repair metal goods, including anvil, forge, blowtorch, workbench, oil, quenching bath, tools and heat-protective clothing. A lot of gear, and some impossible to use safely or at all without adequate knowledge, and productivity improving with practice.

  • Enables: scrap refinement
  • Enables: c-board extraction
  • Enables: Crafting (weapons & armor)
  • Enables: Crafting (ammunition)
  • Required skill: Blacksmithing
  • Cost to buy & install: $3,500
A food silo
A food silo

Food Silo[edit | edit source]

A dry, cool and near-airtight room designed to minimize wastage of stored food from mold and tiny insectoid pests.

  • Increases household food storage capacity to 7,500 Rations. Without a food silo, your stored food will deplete 1-6 R/day from spoilage if above 1,500 R.
  • Required skill: none
  • Cost to build: $1,800
Potted plants
Potted plants

Potted Plants[edit | edit source]

About a dozen potted plants, including tomatoes, EzGrow protein cucumbers, sweet lupini and the domestic haal-slope bush. These particular species chosen for their food production capability not appearance though, and placed where they can grow fruit best, rather than being primarily used to improve the ambience of your home.

  • Adds 1 Ration / day to your garden income
  • Required skill: none
  • Cost to buy: $500

Laboratory[edit | edit source]

A small laboratory including with a wide range of items and reagents, including protective gear and ventilation. Allows cost-effective creation of a range of items from home. Some of the equipment and potential products would have been familiar to scientists hundreds of years ago on Earth, others are more recent and would be quite inexplicable to your ancestors.

  • Enables: Crafting (medicine equipment)
  • Enables: Crafting (advanced items)
  • Enables: gunpowder processing
  • Required skill: Special
  • Cost to buy & install: $5,000
A nanite tube
A nanite tube

Nanite Tubes[edit | edit source]

Nanites, amongst other things, can be used for crafting tendstims and doctor's kits in your home-based lab (above), or in constructed Workshops.

  • An active nanite tube grows 2-15 nanites per day
  • Required skill: none
  • Cost to buy & install: $7,500
MIGA-5 small modular fusion reactor
MIGA-5 small modular fusion reactor

Fusion Reactor (M5)[edit | edit source]

The MIGA-5 modular portable fusion reactor, also known as "the casket", is a pre-severance artifact delivering an astonishing 1.02 TWh power output. Only a handful of these machines remain in Ikaanos today. A household with its own power supply enjoys a great deal of admiration and doesn’t need heat and electricity from outside sources.

Acquiring a portal fusion reactor requires contacts within the Transit Department. You need at least 50,000 Influence to get your hands on one, and the purchase itself costs 10,000 Influence points.

  • +25 Influence/day
  • A permanently active Household Heating effect (+1 Contentment/day)
  • No extra Maintenance costs for processing steel and c-boards at Workshops
  • Workshop Production efficiency increased by 15%
  • Required skill: none
  • Cost to buy & install: $350,000
A tech module
A tech module

Tech Module[edit | edit source]

Basic set of simple radio equipment and a few extension cables, lacking access to "The Grid".  

  • Home hacking disabled
  • FLASH storage: 0kb
  • Processing unit: none
  • System: none
  • Required skill: none
  • Cost to buy & install: $2,000
ENSYS Entertainment System
ENSYS Entertainment System

ENSYS Unit[edit | edit source]

An ENSYS unit (short for "Entertainment System") consists of a massive 32" X-LED display and a console box with 312 built-in games. The box supports up to four players. Among classics such as Space Ball, a player can also find The Road Crusher, Simulated Cities 3000Fightmania and Tullgarn's Shooter.

  • Enables Gaming Sessions and TV nights with your slaves, other staff, friends, and contacts (under: Actions & Events > Arrange Events > Chill > )
  • Required skill: none
  • Cost to buy: $3,250