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Roo's General Store
Roo's General Store

This is a list of shops in Ikaanos City and its environs.

Redhaven[edit | edit source]

North Redhaven[edit | edit source]

  • Roo's General Store - your neighborhood general store, run by the slightly pervy Abbot Roo - who sells tools including some useable as weapons, plus firewood, medicine, camping gear and computers. (Open 7am-8pm.)
  • Redhaven Market - a place you can sell some of your excess goods, and buy daily essentials like food, treats, trinkets, firewood, raw materials, fishing gear and rope. (Open 24 hrs.)
  • Walton's Smithery - another neighbor of yours, Timothy Walton runs this efficient blacksmith's workshop, selling the fighting knives, staves, swords, crossbows and basic firearms he makes, plus ammunition suitable for them. (Open 7am-8pm.)

South Redhaven[edit | edit source]

Whitehaven District[edit | edit source]

  • Devious Tools - the formidable Miss Devious' store sells and demonstrates BDSM gear, and offers a few related books. (Open 8am-10pm.)
  • The Secret Garden bookstore of Diana Bouchard - a place for books, nice jewelry, and tea and discreet chats for ladies only. (Open 7am-8pm.)

The Procoms[edit | edit source]

  • Kira's Merch - a place you can currently only buy firewood, rope and spears - buy you can invest in it to help it develop it further.

Westside Heights[edit | edit source]

  • The Armor Store of Carl Cyker - sells padded and leather armor, and combat armor made in the Cyker Assembly Plant, plus plates to reinforce this with. Will also buy leather pieces from you at a good price. (Open 7am-8pm.)
  • Nika's Clothes - Nikolai Sidorov's boutique selling clothes, perfume, textiles and jewelry for piercings - which they can perform on site. (Open 7am-8pm.)

Emerald City[edit | edit source]

Crystal Hills[edit | edit source]

  • The Imperial Arms - for some low-end melee and missile weapons mass-produced cheaper than you might expect, plus advanced melee & missile weapons too expensive most, and the highest-tech armor only. Some things you won't find elsewhere, including ammunition, but not a complete range. They also sell steel. (Open 7am-8pm.)

Crystal Heights[edit | edit source]

Palace District[edit | edit source]

  • Transit Department - a veritable fortress, handling trade between Mastersphere and Ikaanos and also storing confiscated contraband and pre-severance artifacts; not a shop officially, but may let you "hire" items for "research purposes".

Raikan[edit | edit source]

  • Haruki's Store sells a few weapons only but ones you won't find elsewhere, plus gunpowder, drugs and exotic flowers!

Stokke Hills[edit | edit source]

  • Belial Guns - Randy's store in this desperate location sells only raw materials including gunpowder at the moment, but will buy weapons off you. (Open 9am-10pm.)
  • Aimee's Goods - sells only a few raw materials, but you can invest there to help them develop it into selling medicine and simple ammunition. (Open 9am-10pm.)

Upriver[edit | edit source]

Hamah Bay[edit | edit source]

  • Hamah Market - a short boat ride up the Red River from Ikaanos, Hamah's market doesn't sell much you will find of interest, but is a place you can sell your excess weapons, ammunition and merchandise.

Kahill Outpost[edit | edit source]

  • Luke's Empire - a general store in the Red River Basin area, a short boat trip upstream from Ikaanos, selling hunting gear (heavy rifles, spears, rope and tendstims) and a wide range of ammunition, that will also offer to buy any ammunition and some other equipment off you.