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Redhaven[edit | edit source]

Sandwiched between the slums of Westside and Red River, Redhaven is a strange blend of poverty and opportunity. The marketplace, famous for being built on the site of the Second Waver's first village, offers an abundance of options; an adventurer can sell stolen merchandise, hire a prostitute, purchase trinkets, or gaze upon the sacred remnants of the Irendor Shuttle, commemorating the first controlled landing on Raana.

The Red River is well-known for its fishing. Swarms of fauns, eels, and dragon fish congregate in vast shoals around the outlet, providing an inexhaustible supply of delectable seafood to the city. Before venturing out onto the boardwalks, be sure to pick up a fishing pole at the market!

Then Furry's Tavern has something for everyone — free beer, gambling, boisterous company, and a warm body for the night....

North Redhaven[edit | edit source]

South Redhaven[edit | edit source]

Outer Marston Swamp[edit | edit source]

The Wetlands[edit | edit source]

Cole's Canyon[edit | edit source]

Whitehaven District[edit | edit source]

The Docks[edit | edit source]

The Procoms[edit | edit source]

Westside Heights[edit | edit source]

Emerald City[edit | edit source]

Crystal Hills[edit | edit source]

Crystal Heights[edit | edit source]

Palace District[edit | edit source]

Hamilton Square[edit | edit source]

You’re at the very heart of Ikaanos, the Downtown of the city. With its towering buildings, sophisticated restaurants and the historic town hall, you feel the palpable thrum of a bustling metropolis around you. But it all lies in the shadow of Crystal Hill, which mounts a rocky peninsula a few hundred yards to the east, forming bands of gleaming roofs and ivory facades – a perpetual reminder to the residents of Hamilton Square that there’s an unapproachable authority overseeing them.

Crow's End[edit | edit source]

Marston Avenue[edit | edit source]

Watery Eyes[edit | edit source]

Raikan[edit | edit source]

Stokke Hills[edit | edit source]

Kasey's Park[edit | edit source]

  • Temple of Yidhra
  • Moritz Amboss' German trading caravan
  • Gero Falkenstein's shady store
  • rogue Space Marines dominating the area
  • campsite for runaways, fugitives and rogues
  • various bandits, robbers and slavers in the parks and decaying buildings

Imogen's Barrow[edit | edit source]

Preacher's Pond[edit | edit source]

Darkmere[edit | edit source]

North River Basin[edit | edit source]

Avonmore Island[edit | edit source]

Harrow Island[edit | edit source]

Corazon Jungles[edit | edit source]

Kanji Gardens[edit | edit source]

Hamah Bay[edit | edit source]

Blackfang Valley[edit | edit source]

Bela's Marsh[edit | edit source]

Celior Forest[edit | edit source]

Kahill Outpost[edit | edit source]

Silfren Woods[edit | edit source]

  • Silfren Lair

Sewo's Bend[edit | edit source]

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