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Discipline is an important core Attribute that affects many of your slave's undertakings. It will increase her chances to improve skills, she will be more efficient at the Academy, and she'll generate more Influence as a maid.

Increasing Discipline[edit | edit source]

Discipline is hard to raise. It's a genetically bound Attribute that can take months to increase in way that'll show effect on your slave's performance. A slave receives a small boost to her Discipline increase chance if she is Broken / Devoted (Willpower 0 or lower) or a Soulmate. Her devotion toward her master makes her more prone to build on her attributes. As always, make sure she's not Depressed.

  • Stable application: Applying a girl to one of Ikaanos' stables will give her a daily 5% chance to increase her Discipline with one point - as long as her Discipline is 69 or lower. There's no difference between stables.
  • Acrobatics program: Applying a girl to the Acrobatics program in Whitehaven Academy will give her a daily 6% chance to increase her Discipline with one point - as long as her Discipline is 79 or lower.
  • Explaining chores: By successfully explaining a slave's chores, you have a 15% chance of increasing her Discipline - if it's 49 or lower.
  • Devotional gain: Maintaining a Willpower below 9, Happiness above 60, and Affection that is Loving or higher, provides a 1% daily increase chance - if the slave's Discipline is 59 or lower.
  • Fear: Slaves with 1+ Fear has a 20% chance to increase their Discipline - it it's 79 or lower.
  • Workaholic Trait gives +15 base and 15%/day chance to increase (max 100)