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Slave hunting is a well-established occupation in Ikaanos, providing the republic and the Great Houses with a constant stream of cheap workers. They're also a vital supplier for the growing entertainment industry.

Slave hunters often work in unison with slave trainers, hunting specific targets for a chosen patron. Certain landowning slave hunters also act as slave trainers as a way of cutting out the middleman.

Captured slaves[edit | edit source]

The MC and his crew are able to capture slaves in combat or through special quests/POIs. Captured enemies are called Shackled slaves before being processed at a Slave Market or Home location.

The MC can hold a maximum of his Party (+1) shackled slaves. A lonely MC can thus hold two slaves before being forced to process them.

A combat enemy has to be incapacitated before he can be claimed as a slave. Using a special melee weapon for the final blow increases the chance of incapacitating an enemy while other heavy weapons such as coilguns or plasma rifles almost guarantee that the enemy ends up dead.

Incapacitation chance[edit | edit source]

  • Base: 5%
  • Fists: +80%
  • Whipping cane: +85%
  • Combat staff: +70%
  • Sledgehammer: +35%
  • Knife/sword: +15%
  • Great sword: +15%
  • Firearms: -3%
  • Heavy firearms: -4%

The MC has the option to add Incapacitated slaves to his Shackled slave pool. Doing so consumes one unit of Rope. If the MC's out of ropes, he's unable to add more enemies to his pool.

NOTE![edit | edit source]

You can only capture (incapacitate) one female and/or one male enemy per combat (a total of two).

Processing shackled slaves[edit | edit source]

The MC can inspect (PROCESS) his wares at a human goods market or at his home. The following districts are counted as markets:

After the process has been initiated, the MC must choose to either free, sell, or add the slave to his household.

The "quick sell" price thus available is an offer from the nearest slave dealer which represents a safe lowest price that slave might fetch at an auction. If you want to auction the slave yourself you will probably make more money - possibly much more - but it will take an hour for the auction, and you have to add the slave to your household first. When auctioning a slave you can choose which slave market to sell them at - and note that the markets will sometimes pay different prices for the same slave, because they cater for slave masters who have different uses in mind. For example, Watery Eyes wants more manual laborers. The full breakdown is HERE.

Once examined in this way, a slave cannot be donated to a faction.

Freeing a slave belonging to the Bandit faction will return him to the world Bandit pool.

Uniqe Capturable Slaves[edit | edit source]

Uniqe Capturable Female Slaves[edit | edit source]

Uniqe Capturable Male Slaves[edit | edit source]