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Just like the player, slaves have a unique set of Attributes, Skills and affections that decide how they interact with the world around them.

Strength[edit | edit source]

Strength is a measurement of a slave's physical power and muscular build. It affects the outcome of wrestling matches and unarmed struggles against the MC or other foes. Strength also decides her efficiency with larger melee weapons. The attribute's main use, however, is as a modifier to the damage done in melee combat. Increase Strength:

  • By including slave when training your own Strength at home
  • Through random events
  • Strength can be negatively affected by:

  • Injuries
  • Laziness (mostly random events, or through a very low discipline value)
  • Aging
  • Stamina[edit | edit source]

    Stamina affects the amount of damage a slave receives in combat. It also determines how fast she can heal injuries naturally and how long it takes before she becomes over-fatigued during sexual activities. This ATTRIBUTE also modifies the outcome of physical training sessions. Increase Stamina

    • By including slave when training your own Stamina at home
    • Through long sessions of intercourse
    • Through random events

    Stamina can be negatively affected by

    • Injuries
    • Laziness (mostly random events, or through a very low discipline value)
    • Aging

    Dexterity[edit | edit source]

    Dexterity measures a slave's general agility, combat dodge capability, and her stealth abilities. It's a vital attribute when escaping enemies or if she's attempting any type of dexterous feat. If this attribute reaches 70 or more, the slave gets a small bonus to every Stealth check she undertakes on quests or while escaping from her current household. Increase Dexterity

    • By including slave when training your own Dexterity at home
    • Through random events
    • With a one time increase when slave reaches 80+ in Riding skill
    • By homeschooling your slave in Acrobatics or Dancing
    • By applying slave to the Acrobatics program at Whitehaven Academy

    Dexterity can be negatively affected by

    • Injuries
    • Laziness (random events, or due to low discipline value)
    • Aging

    Intelligence[edit | edit source]

    Intelligence determines a slave's wits. A high value boosts the chance of success during training sessions and the speed of learning while attending academy programs.

    A slave with high Intelligence also receives a hidden bonus during escape attempts. She can also plan her escapes more properly – like trying to bolt out from your mansion if you've forgotten to check the perimeter or right after dismissing your mercenaries.

    Increase Intelligence

    • By applying your slave to various courses at the Academy (not Acrobatics or Domestic)
    • By letting your slave work as a lecturer or professor at the Academy
    • Through random events
    • Through playing the ENSYS (SpaceBall event - 20% chance up to INT 70).
    • Through aging

    Intelligence can be negatively affected by

    • Certain injuries
    • Genetics

    Willpower[edit | edit source]

    A slave's Willpower determines her obedience and confidence. A high willpower (above 40) severely limits a slavemaster's possibilities of making his servant more docile.

    Positive effects of high-willpower slaves are few, but it does increase her learning abilities somewhat, as she's keen on finding her own ways through your lessons. It's also good to maintain a high Willpower if you want to raise a slave's CHARISMA.

    You can read more about controlling Willpower here.

    Discipline[edit | edit source]

    A slave's Discipline determines her study focus and her ability to learn. This is a highly praised attribute that entails neatness and success. It has very few drawbacks.

    You can raise Discipline by letting a slave be an active equestrian or by studies at the university.

    You can read more about controlling Discipline here.

    Kindness[edit | edit source]

    Kindness determines a slave's willingness to help you, accept your proposals, and to help other slave's that are in need. A high Kindness adds a small success chance to all persuasion attempts - as she doesn't want to disappoint you.

    A Kindness above 50 makes the slave gullible, however, causing her to be more susceptible to Risks during courses or while working at vendors.

    Increase Kindness

    • By encouraging your slave (Talk section).
    • Through random events.

    Kindness can be negatively affected by

    • Her master's cruelty

    Beauty[edit | edit source]

    Beauty is a value most slaves are born with. It's hard to affect – perfume or makeup might give it a temporary boost, and only scars and aging (beauty begins to decrease after a slave reaches 35 years) can decrease it.

    Beauty weighs heavily if you're planning on selling or purchasing slaves, as it considerably boosts her Market value.

    Charisma[edit | edit source]

    A slave with high Charisma knows when and how to smile, use her body language, greet strangers, and what kind of clothes to wear for special occasions and formal events. It's the difference between a slave who is boring and uninteresting, and a slave who is an exotic creature that catches everyone's attention.

    Increase Charisma

    • Charisma increases slowly if a slave maintains a combination of high Willpower (30 or above) and a high enough Happiness (40 or above). This gives her room to improve her own confidence and character in front of the mirror.
    • There's a 15% chance of increasing Charisma (per day) if a slave works at Nika's clothing store in Westside and if that slave's Charisma is 59 or lower.

    Charisma can be negatively affected by

    • A very unhappy slave (a value of 4 or below) has a small chance of decreasing her Charisma.

    Affection[edit | edit source]

    Affection is of the most important values to keep track on while interacting with a slave. This shows how she perceives her master, and her feelings toward him. It determines everything – her willingness to participate in sexual intercourse, her escape chance, her willingness to help you with injuries, and how much she reveals about her past during interactions.

    You can read more about increasing and controlling Affection here.

    Respect[edit | edit source]

    Respect is a hard-earned value that increases if you defeat enemies with your slaves present (and conscious). Successfully managing certain dangerous events might also increase Respect.

    This tells if your servants see you as a warlord or just an ordinary civilian.

    Certain unique (and very rare) events might lower Respect, but it's a very stable value that doesn't decrease over time.

    Respect boosts all domination and charm attempts. A slave is more likely to participate in sexual intercourse or do as you command her (even if she doesn’t like it) if you've defeated an army of soldiers and freebooters in front of her eyes.

    Fear[edit | edit source]

    WIP (0.8.0)

    The Fear attribute tells how much a slave fears her master after being abused and subjected to his cruelty in different ways. Fear will make a slave much easier to persuade into sexual acts, and she'll answer better to all forms of domination attempts. A high fear value will also automatically lower her Willpower each time you hit End Day.

    Taking this route will in most cases destroy a slave's Affection and genuine interest in her master.

    You can read more about Fear here.

    Anger[edit | edit source]

    Anger is a hidden Attribute that negatively affects all undertakings with your slave. It makes her unwilling, grumpy, lacking in respect and effectiveness, and more prone to escape attempts.

    Anger increases when you behave badly toward a slave that is not broken or devoted.

    Decrease anger

    • By giving a girl her first teddy bear.
    • By offering expensive trinkets (25% chance).

    Defiance[edit | edit source]

    Slaves collect Defiance through various actions of insubordination - mostly by acting out against their slave master (The MC) in manners that aren't appropriate. A high and unchecked Defiance will fester in your household, causing unwanted Willpower increases among all other slaves, bad job performances and eventually Influence loss.

    You can read more about Defiance here.