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Overview[edit | edit source]

Located in Hamilton Square, the Town Hall of Ikaanos is a towering stone building that was erected over two centuries ago by a good-loving and faith-driven people who knew nothing of the post-severance society that was to come. Opulent wall-paintings and crumbling statuettes in forgotten alcoves still whisper of their utopian dreams - dreams that never came true. This majestic building now acts as the administrative headquarters of The Republic on Raana. It is where the Mayor governs from, answering to the Senate who appoint him to be their "man on the ground".

Donations[edit | edit source]

The Republic accepts donations from the player, with the donation options being:

  • $1,000
  • $10,000
  • $100,000
  • x20 Swords
  • x10 Rifles
  • x10 Coilguns

Census Record[edit | edit source]

The Town Hall of Ikaanos has a huge, analog database containing all registered inhabitants of Ikaanos, including slaves, called the Census Records. This database will display names below if the player has any active quests that require the usage of feature. However, the player must be aware that names can appear here without a Journal Entry saying so.

The Archives[edit | edit source]

Additionally it houses Archives, comprising over a million newspapers, scrolls, building permits and government declarations, dating back almost three centuries. Similarly to the Census records, this database will display names below if the player has any active quests that require the usage of feature, however, the player must know that names can appear here without a Journal Entry saying so.

Bounties[edit | edit source]

The player can engage in bounty hunting for money and influences, with two options available: Quest Bounties & Common Bounties (Random Bounties).

There are always Common bounties posted at the Town hall. One will be offered to you at a time. It will stay there till you take it or reject it. If you take it, you can drop it at any time - including if you meet the bounty target and have second thoughts. If you defeat the bounty target, return to the Town Hall's bounty board for the reward. If you complete or drop a bounty, a fresh one will be offered to you the next day.

Quest bounties are rarer and have more information available about them in the game. There are currently four which may be posted at the Town Hall:

  • Brian Calloway: A cybernetically enhanced desperado who's on everyone's lips after killing two Spheremasters in Crystal Hills. He's in hiding but thought to be somewhere in Ikaanos City. ($2,000)
  • Haruto Pai: A peaceful and law-abiding gardener and esteemed martial artist, now wanted for the murder of a Skyguard policeman, and on the run. ($1,200)
  • Anders Lundqvist: An arrogant and confident public menace who's charisma has attracted a small band of followers, wanted for a long list of crimes including insulting a Spheremaster, rape, unlawful coining, striking a Skyguard officer, theft, and desecration. He's loud enough that he might be easy to find. ($600)
  • Tuner Jackson, a charismatic ex-music producer, now wanted for embezzlement and theft. He's also an ex-Marine, with all his old gear, so no easy arrest. ($900)

N.B. Except in special cases, named Town Hall bounties are not capturable - you have to return them dead or alive in return for the reward; you cannot sell them as slaves. They may have associates with them when you find them though who may be capturable and sellable; the Town Hall does not care about those not named on their bounties.