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There are many ways to earn money and Influence in Masters of Raana. This page serves as an introduction to most of those means. Remember that MoR is an open-world game - you're free to focus on one specific path or create your own combination of methods to reach wealth - whatever suits you best.

  • Slaver/slave trader: Find, rescue, capture or buy one of the many slaves roaming Ikaanos. This is an advanced profession requring both your uttermost attention and a lot of invested time. Forming fiery raider girls into valuable assets can take several months, even for a veteran slaver. Apart from the arousing journey of exploring your slave's sexuality, the outcome is well worth it - a fully trained, young and relatively unspoiled slave can fetch up to $80,000 on the market.
  • Raider/adventurer: Find some good mercenaries, arm yourself with a decent weapon and put on a heavy armor before heading out into the wild slums of Western Ikaanos, where you'll find lost treasure, hidden quest locations, feral raiders and much more. "Taking up the rifle" is a path many freeboters walk, either as a test of manhood or to cash in on lost riches buried in the ruins of old times. Making a living as an adventurer is extremely dangerous if you come unprepared!
  • Factory worker: An easy, mindless task that'll get you through the day - with maybe enough cash left to play some cards at the local tavern or buy half a dozen crossbow bolts for your planned weekend hunting trip. An assignment at Westside Assembly plant can yield anywhere from $40 up to $120 per day.
  • Gambler: After some practice, a skilled gambler can expect to fetch at least $250, sometimes $500 from a good poker night at a local tavern. The luck factor makes this "job" tricky, however, as you could potentially come home with empty pockets.
  • Scavenger: Walk the districts of Ikaanos - or the jungles surrounding it, and bring home various gadgets, scrap metal, old cloth or other materials (Investigate Area > Scavenge). If you're lucky, you might stumple upon a rifle, durasteel remnants from old starships or even dropped energy cells. A Scavvie can pull home anywhere from $5 to $1,000 if his Survival skill is high enough. Note! There's always a small ambush risk in Wild areas! Bring a friend, or good armor.
  • Crafter: Through Facilities > Crafting, you're able to explore Masters of Raana's complex crafting system. Focus on one thing, or many, and sell your stuff at markets. Remember that outskirts places such as Hamah Bay might offer more cash for rifles, while it's easier to sell clothes items in Ikaanos.
  • Professor: Reaching 75 in either Academics or Science opens up a whole new world to the player. You're now able to assign as a professor at Whitehaven Academy, and hold daily classes there. One lesson pulls in anywhere from $100-$400 per day based on your Academy Disposition, Influence and skill. There might also be various events while teaching class - unruly pupils, wiz-kids trying to challenge you or bullies that deserve a reprimand. Those events can further raise WILLPOWER, Academics, Science or other skills if successfully completed.

The Assembly Plant[edit | edit source]


You can check if there's any available work at the Westside Assembly Plant each morning. You must speak to the foreman before the shift starts at 9.30 a.m.

Assembly work is exhausting, but it pays well enough for you and at least one slave to eat, sleep, and pay taxes. There are four possible assignments at W.A.P:

  • The Great Assembly Line ($35/day) - low risk, normal theft chance. Social actions available.
  • Chemical Processing Plant ($120/day) - high risk, no theft chance. No social actions available.
  • Munitions line ($35/day) - medium risk, normal theft chance. Social actions available.
  • The concrete factory ($35/day) - medium risk, no theft chance. No social actions available.

Permanent injuries, scarring (Charm loss), chemical burns and significant Stamina point decreases are all possible risks.

Assigning slaves to jobs[edit | edit source]

As long as your owned slaves fulfill the necessary prerequisites, it's possible to assign them to various vendor locations in Ikaanos. Visit General Stores, weapon smith's, etc, and ask if they need slaves. All details regarding skill requirements, age and other factors are instantly revealed when doing so.

See Assignments and jobs for more information.

Investments[edit | edit source]

You can invest in various businesses to generate a passive income. Some investments will require mini quests to unlock or improve, some investments carry drawbacks as well. Many investment opportunities can be found at various enemy icon locations.

Abbot Roo's General Store (Redhaven)[edit | edit source]

  • Required investment: $75,000
  • Income: $350/day
  • Influence: +8/day
  • Risks: Minimal
  • Other: MC must have an Influence of 10,000 or more, or play the Magnate starting template, to unlock this Investment!

Walton's Smithery (Redhaven)[edit | edit source]

  • Required investment: $200,000
  • Income: $750/day
  • Influence: +12/day
  • Risks: None
  • Other: MC must have an Influence of 10,000 or more, or play the Magnate starting template, to unlock this Investment!

You have the possibility to provide Mr. Walton with enough cash to hire a 75-man strong army that'll guard his trade caravans and fight off bandit attacks.

Fälth brother's (Watery Eyes)[edit | edit source]

  • Required investment: $1,500
  • Income: $25/day
  • Drawback: all slaves lose 1% affection per day if their disposition is "Friendly" or higher.
  • Risks: Minimal

Ikaanos' German caravaneer's guild (Kasey's Park)[edit | edit source]

  • Required investment: $1,600 (per wagon)
  • Income: $10/day (per wagon) upgrades to $20/day when raiders cleared out.
  • Max Wagons: 3, you can purchase this investment 3 times.
  • Unlock Condition: Finish the Quest Taking Down the Hulk
  • Upgrade Condition: Completely clear out the swap raiders in Preacher's Pond to double returns. This can be done before or after you invested
  • Risks: Minimal

Note: the swamp raiders provide very poor loot when killed. So it might be worth your time to instead hunt more profitable bandits (who respawn) while letting the walker's clear out the swamp bandits for you.

The Walker Farm[edit | edit source]

  • Required investment: $1,600
  • Risks: None
  • Automatically over time kill the swamp raiders who are attacking the Ikaanos' German caravaneer's guild for you. Which increases your profit from that investment.

Gero Falkenstein (Kasey's Park)[edit | edit source]

  • Required investment: $900
  • Income: $50/day
  • Risks: High!

You can lend Gero Falkenstein money to invest in goods that'll bring enough income to provide you and the Skyguard sheriff with a satisfying trickle of gold.

Note: There's a daily 1% chance that a governing power will terminate Gero's business, including your income. Slaves with Business Trait lowers this risk to 0.5%.

Felton Gang (Stokke Hills)[edit | edit source]

  • Required investment: $800
  • Income: $10/day
  • Drawback: influence -2/day
  • Risks: Minimal

The Felton Gang. A herd of low-life scum that are more notorious for their bad bootleg alcohol than the robbery and murders they perform on a weekly basis in these neighborhoods.

Bonuses[edit | edit source]

  • Rebecca Higgs provides a bonus to income from investments of 50% to 75% based on which investments you have made.