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While this page offers many good hints and strategies that can be of use to all playstyles, its main purpose is to serve as a guide for increasing a sellable NPC's auction value.

There are literally thousands of different methods to trains slaves in Masters of Raana and no path is "wrong" when transforming an NPC's skills and obedience to either fit the halls of Crystal Heights or reach sufficient thresholds for a slave training mission.

The use of the word "slave" is also a bit misinforming as these methods can be applied to servants, mercenaries and even powerful paragons. Remember that all NPCs share the same type of mechanics; a perverted, free-born mercenary can even be easier to train into an obedient sex partner than a feisty convict.

Basic hints[edit | edit source]

  • Affection: Having high Affection is ALWAYS a good thing, unless you're going for an all-in-fear strategy. A high Affection value, preferable at Amiable+, means that the slave trusts you and appreciates your character.
  • Corruption: Corruption are equally important as Affection. High Corruption means that the slave appreciates dominant talk, likes to "roleplay" bondage sessions and won't be negatively affected from kinky attires or actions. Corruption also directly affects a slave's estimated sell value at auctions.
  • The Submissive trait: If you find an NPC with the Submissive trait, your journey to conquer his or her mind will be much easier as the person has a natural alignment towards obeying others.
  • Willpower: While you can dance around WILLPOWER with Affection and Corruption, this attribute is, in most cases, a culprit when it comes to instilling obedience. Most slavers want to lower it through degrading acts, harsh job assignments and by increasing Household Demoralization.

Advanced hints[edit | edit source]

The combination of several hundred alternatives to increase a slave's obedience with the fact that no NPC is exactly the same as another, means there's not one easy way to train a slave. You have to study her traits, character, attributes, hopes and dreams and background to deduce the best strategy.

The player's own goal with the NPC also adds another layer of complexity. Do you want to train someone into an obedient fuck-toy, a skilled warrior or a docile factory worker? Or are you courting a slave whose main "objective" is to become your wife?

Here are some additional links and hints that every expert slaver should read:

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